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Spring Curly Hairstyles ft. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control!

Hey guys! Today I put together a few cute looks for Spring using my Olive Oil edge control to give me that smooth slick look with a sweet smell :) 

I also used some accessories from Primark as flowers are really in this spring! Check out the looks below (A look book video will be coming soon).

Olive Oil 'Edge Control'

I first was introduced to this product about 2 years ago after seeing the adverts on TV I thought I would give it a go as I hadn't found a gel that could hold my hair without flaking. This edge control honestly works great for me as it has such a smooth texture kind of like 'Always Castor oil' except for its waxy hold. As you can see in the photos below my edges are very slick and moisturised/shiny, great for those humid days when you don't want your hair in your face!

What hairstyles do you love to wear in Spring/Summer?

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This month I have come to the end of all of my favourite hair products and simply couldn't afford to buy them all at once yet! After stressing I decided why not just buy the essentials and save some money?

I went to my local hair shop and picked up some Almond Oil (I have seen a lot of hair bloggers use this in their LOC method) and also Shea Butter. I decided that until I am able to buy new products I will simply use water, Almond Oil and Shea Butter to moisturise my hair.

So far it does work very nicely on braid outs and for my after wash routine (Video coming soon) but I have to admit when having Almond oil on your loose curly hair in this humid weather it does leave a unpleasent smell so I have kept my hair in buns mainly for the past week.

As a lesson I have seen that I don't have to be a product junkie, as long as I have the main essentials needed I should try and settle for them only!

Check out my full post on this issue at TrialsandTresses.com

Also look out for some new videos coming up on my YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading guys xx

What are your favourite natural essentials?


Hair Henna - Yes or no?

Every 6 months or so I have started to notice a pattern, I get bored with my hair...

Looking back at pictures around christmas and then my birthday in May my hair always changes whether texture or colour between those 6 months. Why stop the pattern now?

Well I am on a natural hair journey that I want to stick to but here is the issue. I am dealing with a whole lot of dry blonde hair which is hi-lighted and I just want to get rid of it! I don't want to cut so my other option is to dye my hair dark so that I vow to never dye my hair again. I did this in 2012

Black hair 2012
May 2012

and my hair was so much healthier but I grew bored and honestly feel that I suit lighter hair more but this time I know I will not dye my hair blonde ever again!

So the question is will Henna dye my whole hair black? Is it strong enough to get rid of the bleached blonde and is it healthy for your hair? Any advice you have would be helpful :) 

Thanks curlies x
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