Perfect Twist Out ft. LottaBody Coconut & Shea Oils

I was given the chance to work with LottaBody as they launch their new shampoo and conditioner! Their 'Coconut & Shea Oils' line I was really impressed by especially when styling a twist out! My results were amazing, check out the steps I took below.

I started with the moisturising shampoo, which was really thick in texture similar to a conditioner which made it also really moisturising when used on my hair. I didn't feel a weird film on my hair after rinsing out and my hair didn't feel dry at all.

Next I went in with the moisturising conditioner, which again was thick in texture but really easy to glide through the hair and detangle with. It has a really sweet smell (I have been told it smells like Apples!). 

Next I rinsed it out using cool water, and squeezed out the excess water with a T-Shirt which helps to prevent frizz! Semi-drying your hair will help to allow your hair to air dry faster (as you don't want to wait forever or in my case use a diffuser.).

To style, I went in with the curl and style milk, which has a pump so easy to apply in the shower without water getting into the product. This style milk was a lighter texture and again was soft and easy to glide through my hair making detangling easy.

I then went in again with a wide tooth comb to detangle as when applying twist outs you have to make sure there are NO tangles at all, this will make the style flawless when you take the twists out.

To seal the twists and create the hold, you need a gel-like product and Lottabody had the perfect formula for this in their 'Custard Gelee'. I applied this on top of the style milk generously!

Once my whole hair was twisted, I left my hair to air dry over night. I covered my hair with a satin scarf, bonnet and slept on my satin pillowcase for extra protection. Then when I felt my hair was 100% dry I applied some olive oil to my hands and slowly untwisted which left my with perfect waves!! 

To finish off the look I used my afro comb to add some volume!

I am so happy with my results and will definitely be using these products again! 

Check out the full tutorial here!


You can purchase the LottaBody products at the following outlets:

(The shampoo and conditioner are so NEW you will be able to purchase very soon stay tuned to LottaBody on social media @lottabodyuk)





'Amazon Fire Tablet' Review

Last month the lovely team at 'Ideas Network' gifted me with the 'Amazon Fire Tablet' which arrived at the most perfect time! I have recently published my book http://amzn.to/2q65zRF on Amazon Kindle so too have an Amazon tablet with Kindle built into it is perfect for me to test out reading my ebook.

This tablet is so light! It is the perfect size and weight to fit in your handbag and great for travelling. I will be taking it with me on holiday this year. To give you an idea, it is much lighter than an iPad. I love the fact that in comes in a choice of colours from magenta (my colour), tangerine, black and blue, so you can add a more personal touch to your tablet.

As you can see you have a range of options of what you can do with your tablet, like your phone it is easy to navigate around and download a variation of apps. My current favourite apps to use on the tablet are TuneIn, Netflix (For when you are in bed or on travels) and of course the net for streaming shows and working on my blog.

The tablet hasn't got the best quality of camera (but I mean who uses a tablet to take pictures when you have your phone or camera). The sound is good enough for watching things in bed or on travels, but I would much rather listen to everyday music on the go with my phone.

This tablet is well suited for those who like to work on the go, travel a lot and like cute accessories! It is also one of the most affordable tablets I have seen on the market, at just £49.99!! 

Great present idea!

Overall if you are looking for an AFFORDABLE, lightweight, cute, well functioning tablet than the 'Amazon Fire Tablet' is defiantly one that i would recommend.

Learn more here: http://amzn.to/2q65AFa
Pillow cover in front photo available here: https://theethnicco.co.uk/products/kente-cushion-cover



Spring Curly Hair Routine

I just uploaded my Spring curly hair routine! A few changes from my last routine, as the weather gets warmer I am able to air dry again (safely lol) which always gives me greater results, I also now add extra volume with an Afro comb.

My staple wash and go combo is,

SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 'Leave-in Conditioner' http://amzn.to/2qQyjvA
SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 'Styling Lotion' http://amzn.to/2pQY80x

Check out the full tutorial below!



Black Natural Hair BBC News Feature!

 I was asked a few months ago to help with an article that may be published for BBC News regarding the 'Black Natural Hair Movement' and it is now live on the front page of the BBC news website, app and top stories on the Google search page when you type "BBC News"

Amazing to wake up too!

The article speaks about the importance of natural hair to black women, the movement in the UK, the impact of natural hair bloggers/vloggers and acceptance by others.

You can purchase my book 'Get my curls back!' mentioned in the article, via Amazon Kindle and paperback here: http://bit.ly/GetMyCurlsBack

Happy reading :) 
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