5 Ways To Stay Motivated! When Looking After Natural Curly Hair

1) Stick A Picture Of Your Curly Hair Idol On Your Wall


CURLS Product Review - Creamy Cleanser, Coconut Curlada, Creme Brule

Introducing, My latest hair product cocktail! Yes I finally tried out the Curls range! CURLS is an American curly hair product line that uses natural ingredients!

 Trying out this line has been well overdue the last time I tried a Curls product was back before when my hair was natural around 5 years ago! I do remember not liking it for my hair so was intrigued to see how these products would work for me now...



How To Get Straight Hair Without Straightening/Damage! - Saran Wrap Tutorial

In my latest tutorial I had a go at the Saran method which is an alternative way of achieving a straightened/blow out look for your hair. Although it may seem like a long process it is definitely worth the time as you wont cause any damage to your hair. Us transitioners need to really be careful when it comes to heat as you don't want any set backs! However it is also nice to have a break from the big curls.

To achieve this look you will need…


Current Curly Hair Product Deals - March 2015

I was scooping around online and came across a few hair product deals I thought I would share with you!

Trying new products can be expensive (Trust me I know!) Hopefully some of these offers will help you out.


My Natural Hair Journey (Pics & Video)

If you are a regular reader and follower of mine you may be noticing that I have posted a lot lately about transitioning and my hair journey and this is because I am at a stage where I now love my hair!! It  has great definition and can curl up! Even my looser ends.

In light of this I really want to share my story and inspire others to transition or those who are in the beginning stages that they should keep going!


The Moroccan Argan Oil Company - Product Review

Argan Oil Company 

Argan Oil we meet again!! Back in 2012 I discovered Argan Oil just as it began to be known as the new 'miracle' oil due to it being loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E. New to oils and natural products I decided to give it a go and actually found it worked really well with my hair type.

Ever since I haven't gone back to it as Coconut oil became my main focus but after being offered to review this product I was excited to see if the oil really did work well for my hair or if I just assumed it did.

NaturallyCurly.com Feature!

An amazing thing happened this week!! I had a blog post that I had written initially to be featured on NaturallyCurly's 'World Of Curls' series. Most of my answers related to my journey of transitioning. I then was informed my post was up on the site and was actually an article! All about what it is like to transition in the UK!

You can read the article in full here > http://bit.ly/1DZnh8L

This is a huge achievement for me as NaturallyCurly was the first place I ever landed on when searching how to look after my hair and now I am giving advice to others on the site! Wow this goes to show if you work hard and constantly think about your goals and dreams they will come true!

Please read and enjoy! Let me know what you think :) 



FroGirlGinny's x CURLS Event @ Beauty By Zara!

This weekend I attended a event by the brand 'Curls' hosted by my curlfriend Fro Girl Ginny! It was held in Beauty By Zara (Grays store) which by the way has the best selection of natural hair products I have ever seen in a London store! www.beautybyzara.com

 It was a great opportunity
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