Top 5 Back To School Curly Hair Essentials

My latest video talks through a list of 15 Essentials you will need for going back to school/college/university. I wanted to break that list down to my top 5 things I think YOU CANNOT live without during this time.

As a fresher at University, I neglected my hair and the GHD's were my best friend due to the quick results and not having to do my hair every day before classes! So to make sure you do NOT go down the same path I did! Check out my top 5 essentials for back to school.

5. Water 

Simple right? But as easy as it seems the majority of us do not drink enough water! Drinking water is going to replenish our bodies, help our hair to grow and feed the brain. I recommend drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and I swear to you, you will see a change in hair growth and many other positive body changes.

4. Denman Brush 

Cut down your detangling time throughout the week by using a Denman brush (instead of a comb or your fingers) this brush is a gift sent from God! Use on damp hair with conditioner and you will see the magic, it glides through knots effortlessly and even creates the perfect definition you'll want for your curls when they are dry! 

3. Eco Styler Gel 

This is simply for those lazy days, we all have them and as always after the first week or so, the effort we put into our appearance for classes/school goes all the way out the window!

Eco Styler gel is going to be your savior as it makes any curly hairstyle look sleek and can even be used to spice up your edges whilst your hair is tucked away in a headscarf/headwrap.

2. Thermal Haircare Heat Cap

I LOVE this hair tool and it is so perfect for those who are staying away from home for school. It's cordless, easy to store and will transform your hair every week! This heat cap is amazing to use when you are deep conditioning, it adds heat to your treatment which is the best way to get soft and moisturised curls after washing. 

Simply place it in the microwave for a few minutes, the beads inside the cap warm up and you can then cover it on top of your shower cap and finish that assignment you've been working on! 

1. Satin Pillowcase 

The 1 thing (Asides from hair products and routine) that has changed my curls health completely! IS sleeping on a satin pillowcase! It is amazing for maintaining moisture, preventing frizz, keeping your curls defined and no more waking up to knots and hairs on your pillow!

The softness of the satin allows your hair to glide when you sleep instead of the friction cotton causes which ends up in breakage and frizz which I used to get all the time when waking up! This allows me to not have to completely restyle my hair every day!


Check out the full 15 essentials video below,



UK Curly Girl Picnic Event!

This weekend I hosted my first ever picnic event! It was held in Hyde Park, London and intended to be a curly girl link up to network, share hair advice, take pictures and meet my followers. It was a great day!

My guests recieved 4 full sized products from SheaMoisture in their goodie bags! Along with 5 guests winning an extra product in the product hunt!

Check out footage and images from the day below..

A huge thanks to everyone who came and bought a ticket! The event sold out so fast and I can't wait to plan my next event where we can have even more guests!


HUGE Cantu Giveaway!

I am back with another giveaway!! (Expect weekly giveaways this month!)

This week is the launch of the chance to win 2 Cantu products!

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Sleek Top Knot Bun Tutorial

Have you guys seen my latest hair tutorial? It all started back when I posted this picture on Instagram

A lot of you guys wanted to see how I created this compact top knot bun with sleek edges so here you go!

Also check out my first edition of 'Hair & Hip Hop' my new weekly Instagram video series where I will be making 1 minute hair tutorials with some of my favourite hip hop beats in the background. Hip Hop is LIFE to me so I am so excited to share my passion of both that and hair.



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Good Luck!

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