Natural Beauty Tips For Preventing Acne

I have been wanting to write more about natural skincare as it is something I am also adding to my natural products journey! For the past few months (and on and off for a few years) I have dived into natural skincare products to try and clear up my oily and blemish prone skin. I have heard that natural oils as a face moisturiser can help to cure oily skin as it acts as the natural sebum the skin produces (preventing the skin to become over oily).
Jojoba oil and Rosehip oil are the oils I have been using so far and they have been helping to clear my mild acne on the cheeks and chin area. Routine wise I have been using the amazing acne.org regimen which really simplifies your skincare routine and teaches you the importance of leaving your face alone! 
This is really hard to do if you are like me and are someone who applies makeup daily, picks any spots that pop up and generally touches your face all day.
Below are 5 new ways I have been incorporating natural skincare into my beauty routine.

I make a conscious effort to not touch my face AT ALL throughout the day, the only time you need to slightly touch your face is when cleansing and moisturising (which you should be doing twice a day). When you do touch your face it is very important (as you can imagine) to do so with clean hands. Blemishes and acne are caused by skin irritation and clogged pores and you want to prevent these as much as possible.

Going down the natural beauty route means using new skincare products that include all natural ingredients! One of my recent favourites is, Rosehip oil! This oil is so refreshing and I like to look for cleansers and facial oils that include high levels of the oil as I know it has many benefits! Read here for more info on how to use Rosehip oil properly as it is sure to give your skin a boost during the dry winter months.

As a curly girl who has very thick and coarse curls, I find that I have to use a lot of hair products and thicker creams to moisturise and define my curls. In doing so the hair products usually touch my forehead and edges of my face, the ingredients in some of my hair products can be causing irritation and possibly clogging my pores. I now try to apply product very carefully around my edges and also wipe them very gently after.


Make-up is something I like to wear (and sometimes) have to wear as a blogger/influencer. You like to have flawless skin in photos and videos so I have been using heavier foundation as of lately, Unfortunately, this is a cause of acne and clogged skin so I have had to cut back on the cake face and give my skin a break. There are ways around this! You will want to use BB creams or lighter (Oil-free) foundations and here is a list of ingredients you want to avoid in your makeup products.


Less is more! Whenever you can simply wear no makeup at all, let your skin breathe and allow your pores to be free. I like to only apply Jojoba or Rosehip oil on my face during makeup-free days. I also recommend removing your makeup as soon as you get home (instead of just before sleeping) there is no need to have a cake face on when it isn't being utilised lol. I love to use Coconut oil for removing my heavy makeup, I simply gently massage it onto my face and then wipe away with a cotton pad.

So! Natural is the route I am taking to nourish and heal my skin from acne and dryness. I will be keeping up with you guys with all the products I am using and results from this new route! 

Feel free to ask me any questions via social media @ukcurlygirl 

FYI *This is a sponsored post, I have simply been asked to link to a useful url, I will never review products or provide information that I do not believe in or think will be healthy for my readers* Thank you! 


5 Best Ways To Prevent Frizzy Curly Hair

Frizz is something all curly girls have suffered from and try to prevent as much as possible! After embarking on my natural hair journey I finally discovered the best ways to prevent frizzy hair from happening! Frizz, dryness, and shrinkage were always things I suffered from growing up, which led to me hating my hair and then influenced me to straighten and then relax my hair. 

Frizzy hair = The cuticle layer of your hair is raised (as if it is reaching out for moisture! Moisture then passes through the strands instead of holding on and moisturising them to result in defined and smooth hair. 

Thank God for the Internet as I was able to learn the following ways to break out of the cycle and rock moisturised and defined curls all day long!

Finger Detangling

This is the best way to detangle your curls as your fingers are softer than a comb or brush. You also have way more control when taking any tangles out as you can feel every strand move through your fingers whereas with a brush or comb you only feel this as a collective of hair.

I suggest detangling whilst the hair is wet and soaked in a rinse-out conditioner for slip. I also recommend finger detangling when styling. I detangle whilst applying my favourite leave in and styler's, this allows the product to reach every single strand of hair (especially good for those with thick hair like mine). When the outer layers of hair are moisturised and the inside layers are dry they expand (as they aren’t weighed down by product) which in effect makes the rest of your hair look poofy and frizzy as your definition isn’t all around. So make sure to use your fingers to really reach every curl and prevent that dreaded frizz.

Layering Your Products

Sometimes that one product wash and go doesn't prevent frizz! You may need to layer with another thicker cream, jelly or gel just to weigh the hair down and hold the definition your first product created. This is a great way to seal the hair and prevent frizz as your hair won’t be reaching out for more moisture. My favourite leave-in conditioner to use before layering is the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave-in as it's light enough to apply a thicker product on top.

Manipulate Your Curls

If you find that your natural curls still frizz up and just won't hold without frizz, try manipulating your natural curl pattern by using the finger curl/finger coils technique. This will mold the curl for you and seals in the moisture making you frizz free! Twist-outs and braid-outs are also great for this!


Water is the key to every aspect of curly hair care! Hit a brick wall whilst stying your hair? Happens to the best of us. Don’t threat simply take a deep breathe and start over by re-wetting your hair. Water will not harm your hair, if anything it is going to heal it!

I highly recommend only styling with your hair soaking wet it's even better if you can apply your leave in whilst in the shower when you hair is at it's wettest (a technique used by Deva trained stylists which works!). When you style your hair wet, it will dry moisturised and defined (even when using a diffuser).

Moisturising Ingredients

Yep, put those cheap and drying products right in the bin, even if you try everything else on this frizz-fighting list you probably won't get the best results if you are using CRAP products, cheap and full of harsh chemicals. This is because these chemicals are artificial and sit right on top of the hair to create the ILLUSION of smooth sleek hair but after a while they dry out your curls, resulting in hard and frizzy hair! Invest in some products that are made up of mostly natural ingredients my book 'Get My Curls Back' has a list of ingredients to avoid in products and the best natural ingredients to use!

The above 5 tips will change your life when it comes to dealing with frizzy hair! I definitely recommend having a read of my book (Link To Purchase Here) for even further information on this topic!

So there you have it, the above steps should keep you frizz-free from now onwards! If you suffer from frizzy ends then you may need to have a trim, once the hair is dead it is very hard to salvage so try this if all the above doesn’t work.




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