Mixed Chicks Review

So my new video is out! But I wanted to expand on everything I didn't get too in the tutorial!
1st : I do ramble on a lot! Still getting used to talking directly to you all so keep tuned for improvement on that!
2nd: Sending a big thank you too Mixed Chicks!

Overall I loved the look Mixed Chicks gave me, it was a fluffy/Afro kind of curly hair and I like that every now and again however I feel as if it didn't give my hair any real moisture so I wouldn't use it for a protective style and I did co-wash using 'Coconut Cowash' the next day as I felt adding another leave-in conditioner on top wouldn't work well and cause build up.

*I did use Jamaican black Castor oil on my hair before applying the Mixed Chicks 'Leave-In' but did not show it in the video as I already had been rambling on for so long lol*



Hairstyle of the Week

After watching VH1's 'Basketball Wives L.A' I spotted Draya's hair in one of the scenes and love the style! Her hair was straight and she has extensions but I thought I would try it anyway with a curly spin! See inside x


Kinky Curly's 'Knot Today' Detangler Product Review

Kinky Curly's 'Knot Today' Detangler

First of all let me just applaud them on their slick way with words, what a lovely brand and product name it really stood out to me as something I wanted to try. My friend at University used to use this religiously then following up with the 'Curling Custard' but I never got round to trying it until now! I also heard that it was free from Parabens and Sulfate so needed to give it a try.

Here are my findings!


First Video Tutorial! How to wash natural curly hair!

Wow I have finally finished and released my first YouTube video! So strange for me as I am normally the face behind the camera but lately I have been blessed with more confidence and YOLO so why not push your limits!

Please check it out and let me know what you think! I already have more in the makings so feedback is appreciated! Thanks guys xxx


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Celebs With Natural Curly Hair

Oh how I miss the Spice Girls! Remember Scary Spice/Mel B when she had that amazing curly fro!
I was only 4 years old when this song was released but I can remember it like it was yesterday!

Watch the video! http://youtu.be/9ro0FW9Qt-4



*Curly Hairstyle*

I tried a new style today! Its so so simple but adds some spice to the normal ponytail.

Follow the steps inside…



LOC Method with twists

Today my hair was looking very dry and curl-less but I currently am running really low on products so I decided to try the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream).


1) Completely wet hair in shower.
2) Dry access water out of hair.
3) Add Extra virgin olive oil (I used to use this in my hair a few years ago and noticed that it helped my hair grow so I am going to start using this more, plus it was so easy to find in the house as you use it to cook with).
4) Finger detangled and added 'Deva Curl One Condition' (The teeny bit I had left) and rub into hair.
5) Section your hair and half each section and twist around sealing the ends with 'Always Castor Oil'.
6) I added a satin cap on top of the twists just to keep the moisture in as I am going to be in the house all day.

Trying to make twists hot lol

The twists are hard to keep locked at the ends of my hair so I keep re-twisting them but I am looking forward to the results, I hope I can keep the twists in for about two days and I will show you how my hair turns out. Right now it is feeling very moisturised and healthy.


Celebs With Natural Curly Hair

Mariah Carey!

Remember when she used to rock those amazing natural curls back in the 90's? Take a look at the video!


*Curly Hairstyle*

I love to put together a style like this during winter as it is very protective for your hairs ends as before styling I added a lot of leave-in condition and oil so that it would soak into the hair whilst in the twisted bun. The side braid just adds something to the bun as buns can get boring after a while!

*Tip* When you take out your side braid you get a gorgeous crimp effect which you can then style as a curly side fringe!

Great for transitioning curly hair!


Black Hair Magazine Competition

Hey guys so just thought I would update you! Today I got a tweet from the Black Hair Magazine's official Twitter account.

I followed them a few days ago on Twitter and they were running a competition to hit 6000 followers and when they did they would then pick a winner at random and that was me! I hardly win anything so am very excited to receive the goody bag they are going to send!

When it comes I'll post you all pictures and item reviews :D x



As I Am 'Coconut CoWash' review

Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner, Curly Hair Product Review


  • Smells so fresh and 'coconutty' 
  • Leaves hair feeling soft
  • Easy to detangle with
  • Less chemicals than a Shampoo method


I honestly cannot think of any cons! except for the fact that I couldn't really tell if it completely washed my hair.

Hey guys, I wanted to share with everyone my first experience of using a 'CoWash'.
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