My First Braid-Out Results!

I currently am testing out a few transitioning hairstyles that match the new natural hair texture with your old relaxed hair texture. Since the twist out didn't work to well for me I decided to try a braid out with damp hair (not soaking wet) and I used 'Elasta QP's Olive Oil & Mango hair moisturiser' to braid each section neatly!

The next day when my hair was dry I took the braids out carefully and left the two front ones in to create a cute style!



The Natural Curly Hair Trend Is Spreading!

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Bantu Knots

So I tried the Bantu Knot method! And loved the result it gave me!

To achieve this look I sectioned my hair and applied Africa's Best Herbal Oil to my palms and smoothed down each section of hair to then twist into the knot. 

Short Instagram Videohttp://instagram.com/p/lZ7HNQlnDi/

*TIP* Make sure your sections aren't too thick as they will not wrap around tight enough to stay in the knot and will begin to unravel a few of mine did this throughout the night.

I will do a video tutorial on this method very soon for you all to see exactly how I did it :) So stay tuned.

How often do you apply Bantu knots to your hair?


Tutorial! How to get Kaylin Garcia from LHHNY signature updo

I am back with my third video! which is a quick and simple tutorial to show how I achieved the look I loved from Love and Hip Hop New York's past season with Kaylin Garcia.

It is a basic pineapple but with shorter hair you could also create a Mohawk to get the same result!

Check it out, let me know what you guys think and what you would like to know more about :)



Hairstyle Of The Week

This weeks feature is a bit different as it isn't a style as such but I had to share with you Nicki Minaj's natural hair pictures she posted earlier this week! You would have never imagined her hair to be so long! Defiantly gives me inspiration to try out more protective styling such as weave, twists etc to give my hair a break and hopefully give it time to grow!

Have an idea of what Nicki does to treat her natural hair? Leave your thoughts in the comment section x

Check out her pictures inside!


UK Curly Girl is an ORS UK Ambassador!

To all of those who follow me on Instagram you may have caught my picture with the goodie bag I received from ORS over the weekend. This was because I have been made a brand ambassador for the company! which means great news for UK Curly Girl as I will have more product reviews, giveaways and content for you all!

And just in case you were wondering ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) are the company responsible for the many brands me and so many other girls have grown up with the most popular being 'Olive Oil' now they include 'Hair Repair', 'Curls Unleashed' 'Essential Oils' and more! What is so important for me is that they pride themselves in using natural, healthy oils in their products and they know the science behind hair, I learnt a lot from the ORS educator and am excited to learn more info I can then share with you guys.

This Thursday we will be at the Beyonce concert at London's 02 Arena which I am so excited for! Please follow @ORS_UK on Twitter as they will be posting more content from me and the other lovely girls on the team!

Check out some more pictures from the event!
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