Transitioning To Natural Hair : What I Have Learnt 18 Months In

(Left 2013, Right 2015) Transition to natural curly hair.

It has been a year now since I consciously started my natural/healthy hair journey and I am only now beginning to fit into a comfortable hair routine. 

The one thing you will need when transitioning is to be consistent and have a passion and goal for your hair, if not then it will become so easy to give up and give in to heat or the scissors! 

There will be a few very awkward stages during your journey when your hair begins to grow. I've had about 3! 


Dove Hair: Love Your Curls ! | UKCurlyGirl

I had to share with you all this brilliant new advert and campaign that Dove has released! It is all about embracing and loving your natural curls AND includes a mix of races and textures which makes me even happier! A shift is happening and I am so glad to be a small part of it! #CurlPower



How To Get Big Curly Hair!

If you suffer from flat curly hair with no bounce or real shape (especially if you are a transitioner dealing with two different textures) here is a great routine to ensure some volume in your style. Check out my tutorial below. 

You will need a diffuser! Mine is from Argos for just £17.99 and works perfectly.

Check out my technique below…



2014's Favourite Hair Products/Tools For Natural Curly Hair

UK Curly Girl's Favourite Hair Products of 2014 

Hey guys so I wanted to do a whole blog post on the products I really loved using for my natural curly hair this year. As a transitioner I have been trying out many products so that I can find a hair routine that suits me! I knew this would be too long for a video and some products I no longer have packaging for so I hope this helps :) 

I understand many people don't like to spend so much on hair products as a lot of the best ones are VERY! expensive and I am not the richest person myself but hardly splurge on makeup or clothes so most of it goes straight to my hair! Stay tuned for more posts on affordable products and deals.

**All opinions are my honest own conclusions after using the products this year. This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned**
So lets get into it!
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