My Wash & Go Routine

My latest video is a walk through of my current wash and go routine, if you aren't familiar with the term 'Wash and go' it basically means washing your curls and leaving them to dry and go. No extra styling is required so it's not like a twist-out or braid-out, it is basically a wash routine and leaving your curls out natural.

I have finally found the PERFECT products and routine to get my curls defined and soft, I get the best results every time when I follow the steps in this video. 

Top Tips:

1) Apply your leave-in products on SOAKING wet hair, this way your curls will soak up the moisture and it makes it easier for you to reach every strand of hair which is especially important for defining the hair.

2) Detangling before and during styling. If you get into a routine of finger detangling during the wash stage and then again when styling I promise you your hair will be trained to tangle less and less. Make it easier for yourself.

3) If you don't have the hang of using a diffuser (Like me!) air-dry it won't disturb the hairs definition or cause frizz just keep those hands away from your head!



NYC Curls Product Review

It’s that time again, another review! I have been using this brand for over a month now so have a clear idea of how the line worked on my curls. NYC does not only stand for city but also “Know Your Curls” and was created by Carlos Flores who grew up struggling with his own curls and watching family members struggle with theres! 

Looking after curls became his passion and has taken him to heights, he flies to London frequently for clients and has now created his own hair product line.

The line comes with 3 (the basics) cleanser, conditioner and gel and is a "3 step moisture enhancing curl system". All products are free from sulfate, silicones and parabens. My favourite is definitely the conditioner and least the gel, find out why below!


*Guest Post*

Natural Products for Natural Hair

Louisa has recently launched her own line of natural hair care products called Afro Hair Solutions. She also has her own blog where she writes tips and tricks, product information and advice on how to look after your hair.
If you’ve been natural for a while you may have heard of the term, “No silicones, no parabens and no sulfates”, but why, what does it actually mean and why should we avoid them?

What Is a Silicone?

It is a product that some companies use in their shampoo and conditioners. It coats your hair to look shiny and smooth.

Why Is It Bad for Curly Hair?

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