Why Have Natural Hair?

Why go natural?

Going natural was actually due to a change I went through during University. Being away from your home comforts friends and family gave me a new sense of responsibility and I began to come into my own person. Whilst becoming more concious I came across many articles online about manipulation of the daily products we use (hidden chemicals). This then prompted me to do my own research and I found that if you do read the ingredient lists for a lot of your favourite products you will start to see that there are so many words you cant even pronounce or begin to understand what they are!

Long story short I wanted to...

Curly Up-Do

Here is an example of a high up do I wore out very easy to do and add some flavour by leaving the curls out at the front!

What's your favourite up do?


Curly Hair Products

What products do I currently use?

As a mixed race curly who took over my hair from the age of around 11 I have noticed that over the past 10 years or so I literally have never stuck with the same products and whilst speaking to friends they also say the same.

I can't speak on hair scientifically but I do wonder if it is to do with your hair becoming to used to one product that it then rejects it or doesn't take to it well anymore. 

Has anyone else had this experience?


How To Sleep With Curly Hair

What to do with your hair at night?


How To Wash Curly Hair (My Current Method)

How to wash curly hair?

I recently discoverd a new way to wash curly hair, thanks to Youtube blogger SunKissAlba who did a tutorial on her routine. I now understand that after washing you can actually train your hair in a way that you won't have to touch it so much throughout the next few days after.

I will upload a video on how I do my wash but for now follow the steps below. Also the Facebook page www.facebook.com/curlyhairtutorials posts them frequently!

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