Top 5 Conditioners - 2015 Favourites

These are my top 5 conditioners of 2015, they all can be used as leave-ins and are all highly moisturising! I usually will add a styler on top of these conditioners if needed but they can also be used alone which is why they made it to my top 5! Check out the full rundown


Natural Acne Ultra Clear Cream Review

You all know that I love to opt for beauty products that are all natural or have natural ingredients that will benefit your skin or hair. For the past year I have been suffering from outbreaks around my face mainly my edges (which may be caused by hair products) but they are very stubborn and nothing seemed to work. I have also been looking for a great face cream.

Acne Ultra Clear contacted me to do an honest review of their cream and I was happy to do so as I liked the ingredients,


GlowwBox Unboxing (December 'Belle Of The Ball' Edition)

I have received the December edition of the Glowwbox! If you haven't seen my past unboxing video Glowwbox is basically a beauty subscription box that caters to women of darker skin tones. So you will find make-up, skincare and hair products suitable for your skin tone and hair type!

It is a UK company that ships boxes out monthly straight to your door! They also deliver to Europe and the USA. Glowwbox have again kindly given you guys a discount! You can receive this months box for just £5.95 using the code: UKCURLY here www.glowwbox.com/ukcurlygirl 

(£9.95 Europe and £11.95 USA *Free Shipping*) 

This months box has a 'Belle Of The Ball' theme so


Curly Hair & Shampoo: My Experience!

Let’s take it back, way back to my hair routine before my natural hair journey and before I ever relaxed my hair! As a child my mum would take care of my hair and would keep it braided every day! On a Friday I would have the braids down and wear my hair in a


NYC Haul - Makeup / Hair Products / Skincare

I only ever seem to do massive hauls when I have left the country! That shows how product deprived we are in the UK when it comes to hair and makeup! Plus the fact that I like to save money, so the deals abroad come in handy.

This month I had so much to get through


Feature Of The Week: IndianaIfill

1) What does Indiana do?

I am a singer, from London, been doing so for 7/8 years. started in a group but left and took


Q&A Video (Dry Hair, SheaMoisture & More!)

I am back with another Q&A video where I collect some questions asked by my Instagram followers and answer them live on video for YouTube. This Q&A answers some questions based on


Natural Hair Photoshoot

A few weeks back I was asked to be photographed for a project by a London based creative Aura who just recently began her natural hair journey. The project is based on photographs of naturals however the twist is that it will be showcasing the beauty and changing perceptions of natural hair over a 10 year period! During the ten years she hopes to


Feature Of The Week: HairIsSimba

1) What does HairIsSimba do?

I work in the public health sector & I am a model. I recently
did a sleep out for charity for CentrePoint they help young people aged 16-25yr olds who are homeless we raised £7000 between us all! AMAZING.

The experience was something, although


Travelling Alone Tips

A few weeks ago I took a 3 day trip to Lisbon ALONE! I have never left the UK alone so this was a huge step for me! The oppourtunity came about when meeting up with a company who are developing a new product line (IT IS AMAZING!) they are based in Lisbon and I thought it would be great to connect and also take out some time for myself to reflect and relax.

Durng the 3 days I learnt a lot!! And was a great eye opener into my strength as a person. I woud recommend that everyone tries it!

If you have a trip planned soon here are a few essential travelling alone tips! (Learn from my mistakes lol) also check out some footage from my time in Portugal below.



GlowwBox Unboxing & Discount!!

My latest video is an unboxing of the subscription beauty box targeted at women with darker skin tones! Glowwbox is a UK brand (Ships to Europe & USA) and every month you receive a box of beauty worth over £30 for just £15. 

They kindly have given me a discount code for my followers so you can too receive this months Glowwbox for just £5.95!! 

Watch below to find out what's included! 



UKCurlyGirl Feature Of The Week: Melissa Gibbs

1) What does Melissa Gibbs do?

I'm a freelance photographer.

2) What made you get into photography?


SheaMoisture UK Boots Launch!

This week SheaMoisture have launched officially here in the UK thanks to a partnership with Boots! Obviously the natural hair community are buzzing about this as we can all finally pick up products that are aimed at us in stores that are convenient and cater to other hair types.

History in the making was made last week at the press launch in London, I was blessed enough to be asked to speak to the guests about my hair journey and relationship with the brand. It was very inspiring as my hair has come a long way thanks to the SheaMoisture products and as you know they are my favourite line!

You will be able to pick up products from the following collections in Boots,


My Current Curly Hair Routine (Update)

I recently put together a pdf guide all about my current hair regimen to help those that are struggling with certain aspects of their routine or just have no idea what to do with their hair! You can download that guide here > http://ukcurlygirl.us8.list-manage.com/subscribe/post?u=450656b9191a249e7631f9b56&id=81a0df35b3

Also check out my latest video where I recap on my transitioning process from November 2013-Now! Along with current hair tips!



Why I Love: SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Leave-in Conditioner

After using this product for a year now I wanted to give you all a thorough review of the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave-in as my previous review was a first impressions. LINK 

DISCLAIMER: Everyone has results that are different but this is my honest opinion of the product.
SheaMoisture was first introduced to me by


UK Curly Girl Feature of the week - EmzPower

1) What does EmzPower do?
I’m a personal trainer at Clapham Soho gym (South London, UK) 

 2) What made you get into personal training?


Curly Hair Shopping With A Subscriber!

I was so blessed to be able to meet with one of my lovely subscriber last week who had discovered me through YouTube whilst looking for tips on how to style her curly hair. She had struggled for years on how to keep it moisturised and curly. I could relate so much to her story as her downfall was when she decided to start taking care of her hair instead of her parents, just like me.


UKCurlyGirl Feature Of The Week: Mother N Diaspora

It's about time I shared with my readers stories from my fellow amazing naturals! My first feature of the week is from blogger EyeDah Fine Me who has a YouTube channel sporting her recent big chop! She recently has started a really creative design account with some amazing designs featuring positive black figures! I will let her tell you the rest...


Crece Pelo Phytotherapeutic Hair Treatment (Dominican Hair Product) Review

I was kindly gifted this hair treatment from the 'Dominican Hair Care' company http://dominicanhaircare.co.uk The product is called "Crece Pelo" which means "Hair Growth" in Spanish. After some


How I Refresh My Curly Hair (Day 2/Day 3 Hair)

This is how I refresh my old wash and gos! After a few days my curls can become very dry and undefined so to keep my hair for as long as possible I will need to restyle it. This is also a great method for everyday styling throughout the week if your hair needs it.



Shop With UKCurlyGirl - Whole Foods Review

This is a new blog post series I am starting where I will be sharing with you guys some stores in the UK you should visit that sell natural and organic hair products/beauty products. 

Last month I visited Whole Foods! A popular


Beauty Spotlight: 'Vican Whipped Shea Body Butter' Review

I like to review natural beauty/skincare products every now & again on my blog as I am very passionate about spreading the word and importance of using all natural beauty products!

This week I am sharing my thoughts on the 100% natural 'Shea whipped body butter with Lavender' from Vican. 



Review: My First Dry Curly Hair Cut Experience By A Hairdresser!

Full review inside:

I finally have opted for a hair cut!! So that's it I am completely natural eek! I love it and my hair feels and looks the healthiest it has ever been. As you know if you are also a transitioner this is such a difficult time, your hair will go through a ton of changes! 

So lets talk about the cut. I went to a curly hair specialist 'Lindsey Hughes'


How To Be Confident | Learning To Love Your Natural Hair & Self

I had my first ever "Blogger photo shoot" last week! Naturally I am a total introvert but this is something I have been working hard to get over these past few years and I constantly test myself by doing things I would naturally NEVER due to my inner fears. A photo shoot with


6 Summer Curly Hairstyles | UK Curly Girl

Summer is here and to continue with my summer curly hair tips I wanted to show you guys some styles I have been wearing this summer and whilst I was on holiday. 

The summer heat can put you off wearing your curly hair out and wild! I found that the humidity would cause my hair to shrink and frizz. Along with this I also was irritated by the way my hair products and oils would melt down my edges and neck causing spots.

So here are 6 hairstyles that keep your hair away from the face but still show off your curls!

Let me know what your favourites are and check out the full tutorial inside!



My Curly Hair Summer Essentials! Hair Products & Accessories

Summer has arrived here in the UK! With the temperature reaching up to 30 degrees it definitely is time to switch up your hair routine and products. I have put together a list of my favourites for summer and reasons why!



*NEW VIDEO* Curly Hair Tips! Q&A with UK Curly Girl

I'm back with a second Q&A/#AskUKCurlyGirl style video! I asked my followers on Instagram to comment with any questions they had for me! I received a bunch of curly hair queries so you will definitely learn something from this video! Check it out and subscribe to my channel for more! 




Miami Trip & Meet Up Pictures | UK Curly Girl

I recently had a holiday trip to Miami, Florida! A place I have always dreamt of visiting since a child so I have now fulfilled one of my biggest dreams in life and it was even better than I expected! As a lover of the sun and beach lifestyle this holiday was perfect for me! I also was able to spend my 23rd birthday out their with my best friend. 

I planned to Vlog the whole trip but I had to put the camera down as I really just wanted to soak in every moment and live the experience instead of living behind the lens.. However I managed to document with a few pictures which you can enjoy below!

Easy Bantu Knot Tutorial



Current Favourite Natural Curly Hair Products + Beauty & Style!

My latest video includes me talking through some of my current favourites! There is everything from conditioners, deep treatments, stylers and a gem I found online.

Take a look and let me know which ones you would now like to try! (Links to all products below x)


* Boucleme Travel Kit (Cleanser.Conditioner.Gel) http://www.boucleme.co.uk/products/travel-sample-kit
Aztec Bentonite Clay http://amzn.to/1Fs8szA
Avalon Organics 'Ylang Ylang' Conditioner http://amzn.to/1Jr4BCL
Shea Moisture 'JBCO Treatment Masque' http://amzn.to/1Jr4hDQ
Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Treatment http://amzn.to/1Fs8g3m
Body Shop 'Extra Virgin Minerals' Foundation http://fave.co/1dcqTvV
Missguided Nice Hair Bodysuit http://fave.co/1cJgNSh
River Island Backpack http://fave.co/1Q7exE6 



UK Natural Hair Events! Woman In The Jungle - London & Birmingham (June 2015)

Next month you can catch me at this years 'Woman In The Jungle - Afro Hair & Beauty' events in the UK! There will be one in Birmingham and another in London on two separate dates. Tickets are reasonable priced for what's included and there are an option of different prices depending on what you wish to have included!

Birmingham Tickets 6th June 2015: http://bit.ly/1K2fwnu

London Tickets 13th June 2015: http://bit.ly/1F2xfHh

Last year I attended my first few natural hair events including Curlvolution and Afro Hair & Beauty Live. If you have never been to a natural hair event before expect to be showered with new haircare brands and the ones you love! Along with a ton of information and live tutorials for you to understand and learn more about your hair. Also expect a bag of goodies and to meet lots of bloggers!

This year I am so excited to attend Woman In The Jungle as I can finally


The Perfect Bantu Knot Out !

I have discovered the key to getting perfect results for my Bantu Knots! This technique is perfect for you if the thought of using rollers or rods puts you off immediately. For Bantu Knots all you need is some product, a comb and your hands!

Products Used: 
Eco Styler Gel 'Olive Oil' http://amzn.to/1IDOcKB



My Current Curly Hair Product Must Haves!

A lot of these hair products you may be familiar with me mentioning but I thought it would be useful to put them all together in an updated list, so far here is a collection of my main favourites!

These are all products I continue to go back too due to there great ingredients and effects they have had on my hair. Most our conditioners as I have dry hair! Check out the old and new products that made the list!


Product Swap Collab with US YouTuber Janae Raquel!

I teamed up with Janae Raquel natural hair and beauty YouTuber for a swap video. I sent her a cute package full of products I thought she would like and aren't really available to her in the USA!

She also sent me a package full of goodies, check out what I recieved below!


Boucleme Review | Natural Curly Hair Products

Boucleme is a UK brand that provides curly hair products created to hydrate and strengthen hair from the inside! These products contain no sulphates and are chemical free with no animal testing!! The line comes as a 3 step system, Cleanser, Conditioner and Gel.

I have used the travel set of this product line for 2 weeks now and fall more in love each time I use it! When trying out a new product line it can take a while for you to figure out how to get the best results with your hair.

This can be by adding a little bit less of the product or adding an extra oil after the products (Get your scientist on!) which in my case worked wonders.

After speaking to the founder of Boucleme


Pink Hair Chalk! | Hair FX 'Hair Chalkin Swirl' Review

I finally got round to trying out the pink Hair FX 'Hair Chalkin Swirl' I was gifted at the Professional Beauty show! It was well overdue but so worth it! I am in love with the results and amazed at how easy it was to apply. This is a great way


Hair Shedding | 5 Things To Consider Before You Panic!

My latest video touches on the topic of hair shedding! I was asked by one of my followers about how to combat this problem. I myself have had an issue with shedding more ever since transitioning to natural. By shedding I mean when it comes to wash day hair falls out into my hands, the shower, the walls, the floor LOL.

Here are some things to consider before you panic!


CURLS Product Review - Creamy Cleanser, Coconut Curlada, Creme Brule

Introducing, My latest hair product cocktail! Yes I finally tried out the Curls range! CURLS is an American curly hair product line that uses natural ingredients!

 Trying out this line has been well overdue the last time I tried a Curls product was back before when my hair was natural around 5 years ago! I do remember not liking it for my hair so was intrigued to see how these products would work for me now...



How To Get Straight Hair Without Straightening/Damage! - Saran Wrap Tutorial

In my latest tutorial I had a go at the Saran method which is an alternative way of achieving a straightened/blow out look for your hair. Although it may seem like a long process it is definitely worth the time as you wont cause any damage to your hair. Us transitioners need to really be careful when it comes to heat as you don't want any set backs! However it is also nice to have a break from the big curls.

To achieve this look you will need…


Current Curly Hair Product Deals - March 2015

I was scooping around online and came across a few hair product deals I thought I would share with you!

Trying new products can be expensive (Trust me I know!) Hopefully some of these offers will help you out.


My Natural Hair Journey (Pics & Video)

If you are a regular reader and follower of mine you may be noticing that I have posted a lot lately about transitioning and my hair journey and this is because I am at a stage where I now love my hair!! It  has great definition and can curl up! Even my looser ends.

In light of this I really want to share my story and inspire others to transition or those who are in the beginning stages that they should keep going!


The Moroccan Argan Oil Company - Product Review

Argan Oil Company 

Argan Oil we meet again!! Back in 2012 I discovered Argan Oil just as it began to be known as the new 'miracle' oil due to it being loaded with fatty acids and vitamin E. New to oils and natural products I decided to give it a go and actually found it worked really well with my hair type.

Ever since I haven't gone back to it as Coconut oil became my main focus but after being offered to review this product I was excited to see if the oil really did work well for my hair or if I just assumed it did.

NaturallyCurly.com Feature!

An amazing thing happened this week!! I had a blog post that I had written initially to be featured on NaturallyCurly's 'World Of Curls' series. Most of my answers related to my journey of transitioning. I then was informed my post was up on the site and was actually an article! All about what it is like to transition in the UK!

You can read the article in full here > http://bit.ly/1DZnh8L

This is a huge achievement for me as NaturallyCurly was the first place I ever landed on when searching how to look after my hair and now I am giving advice to others on the site! Wow this goes to show if you work hard and constantly think about your goals and dreams they will come true!

Please read and enjoy! Let me know what you think :) 



FroGirlGinny's x CURLS Event @ Beauty By Zara!

This weekend I attended a event by the brand 'Curls' hosted by my curlfriend Fro Girl Ginny! It was held in Beauty By Zara (Grays store) which by the way has the best selection of natural hair products I have ever seen in a London store! www.beautybyzara.com

 It was a great opportunity


Professional Beauty London 2015 @ The ExCel - Event Review!

Yesterday I attended the Professional Beauty/Hair Exhibition which happens yearly around the UK. I was lucky enough to be invited as press and was welcomed with a champagne reception in a VIP lounge!


BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT: Zuzka's Rose Petal Cleansing Milk (Natural Ingredients!)

This weeks beauty spotlight goes to Zuzka! A natural/organic beauty brand I was introduced to through The Bloggers Hub. After taking part in their Twitter party I was able to request a sample of their all natural cleansing milk.

I was so excited as I really love using natural products and especially for my skin. My skin is very sensitive and most facial wipes leave my eyes very sore after using so I was anxious to see if the cleanser would remove my make-up with no fuss.


How I Refresh My Dry Curly Hair!

We all have a day (mine is usually the third day) after washing when our hair just isn't looking good! It becomes flat out of shape and dry! To combat this I refresh with the following steps.



Updated Deep Conditioning Routine!

This wash day my hair felt very dry and hard almost matted! I think it was because I had about a week and a half's worth of product build up and my hair just needed to be stripped and filled with moisture.

To do this I


UKCurlyGirl's Blog Anniversary - Year 1!

WOW so today marks my blogs 1 year anniversary! and I cannot believe how fast this ride has been! This time last year I literally had an epiphany, I had the idea of starting a hair blog for at least a month but something took over me that night! I sat on my laptop and had a burst of energy, I stayed up until around 4/5am and built EVERYTHING from scratch! My blog, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and started to pursue my dream.

Ever since that day...

BEAUTY SPOTLIGHT: Nanshy 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge Review

To keep things interesting I thought I would start to share one beauty review a week for you guys! I am all about hair but often get offers to try new make-up and skincare products along with finding great ones myself. Let me know what you think?

We will start off this week with this new tool from Nanshy! It is a 4 in 1 blending sponge. Nanshy are a UK beauty brand that produce high quality cruelty free tools!



Transitioning To Natural Hair : What I Have Learnt 18 Months In

(Left 2013, Right 2015) Transition to natural curly hair.

It has been a year now since I consciously started my natural/healthy hair journey and I am only now beginning to fit into a comfortable hair routine. 

The one thing you will need when transitioning is to be consistent and have a passion and goal for your hair, if not then it will become so easy to give up and give in to heat or the scissors! 

There will be a few very awkward stages during your journey when your hair begins to grow. I've had about 3! 


Dove Hair: Love Your Curls ! | UKCurlyGirl

I had to share with you all this brilliant new advert and campaign that Dove has released! It is all about embracing and loving your natural curls AND includes a mix of races and textures which makes me even happier! A shift is happening and I am so glad to be a small part of it! #CurlPower



How To Get Big Curly Hair!

If you suffer from flat curly hair with no bounce or real shape (especially if you are a transitioner dealing with two different textures) here is a great routine to ensure some volume in your style. Check out my tutorial below. 

You will need a diffuser! Mine is from Argos for just £17.99 and works perfectly.

Check out my technique below…



2014's Favourite Hair Products/Tools For Natural Curly Hair

UK Curly Girl's Favourite Hair Products of 2014 

Hey guys so I wanted to do a whole blog post on the products I really loved using for my natural curly hair this year. As a transitioner I have been trying out many products so that I can find a hair routine that suits me! I knew this would be too long for a video and some products I no longer have packaging for so I hope this helps :) 

I understand many people don't like to spend so much on hair products as a lot of the best ones are VERY! expensive and I am not the richest person myself but hardly splurge on makeup or clothes so most of it goes straight to my hair! Stay tuned for more posts on affordable products and deals.

**All opinions are my honest own conclusions after using the products this year. This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned**
So lets get into it!
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