Muxima Caviar System Review

Muxima Caviar System Review

I first was introduced to Muxima (The first luxury biotech range) in its developing stages! The brand reached out to bloggers for some research and over a year later the brand and products are ready to purchase!

I was impressed by the products the first time I used them! They have such a different feel to them due to their rich ingredients! Muxima’s ethos is mixing science with highly effective natural-based ingredients for your "textured" hairs needs. They also use different elements such as caviar (Increases nourishment and moisture throughout the hair fibres) and gold!

All of the products have no sulphates, parabens, synthetic colours and aren't animal tested. They come in large sized air sealed bottles (The largest sized product I have seen so far) and they all have a very mild scent.

Muxima is a high end hair brand but definitely one I treasure to have in my collection for when my hair deserves a treat!


When I first squeezed some of this product into my palms I couldn’t believe that it was a hair wash, it felt so thick like a conditioner/custard and was a slight yellow colour which I thought would also be hard to wash out. As soon as you apply the product to your wet scalp it begins to soften and lather so you can feel it not sticking to your strands.

It feels very luxurious and moisturising whilst cleansing so I definitely enjoyed using this product with no complaints. The only issue I had was squeezing it out of the bottle due to the thickness but I resolved this by opening the top and just shaking it out. This products ingredients also help to rid of hair fallout!

Key ingredients: Anti-ageing caviar, Amino Acids, Argan Oil

Now this masque comes in the same style of packaging as the hair wash which is different as I am used to masques and deep conditioners packages in round tubs. This however is a much better way to bottle as less water (hardly any) will seep into the product meaning a longer shelf life and more effective!

The masque is the same texture as the wash, maybe a little less in thickness but smooths onto the hair lovely! It immodestly left my hair defined and moisturised as I applied generously to detangle. The instructions say to cover your hair after applying with a towel, however after testing both I found my usual way of deep conditioning (shower cap and heat) worked better for me.

I like the masque and will be using this for when I feel my hair needs a revamp or I have a special occasion and my curls need to be on point! This masque is an intensive product that repairs the hair along with restoring moisture.

Key ingredients: Hydrolysed Keratin, Jojoba Oil, Lemon scent

This product was used after rinsing out the masque to moisturise and begin styling my curls. This product again like the others is in the same packaging but has a much lighter consistency this is purely to style and revive the curls strengthening. 
I used this and felt that it was good but just ok I feel that it wasn't heavy enough for my hair type so I didn't get the popping results I wanted to, which made me aware that I definitely need to use the conditioner either before or after.

Key ingredients: Glycerin, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Argan Oil

My 2nd favourite (after the wash) product from the system! My results after using this conditioner were defined and really bouncy curls. I loved the heavier consistency this product has and how well it immediately not only defined but deeply moisturised every strand!
This product promotes on growing health, hydration and perfect reconstructing of your hair fibres

Key ingredients: Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Prodew 500 moisture

Protective Finishing Oil (With 24 Karat Gold) https://www.muxima.net/product/caviar-gold-oil-200ml/

Now lets talk packaging because I have NEVER seen packaging as beautiful as this product. The oil comes in a (I want to say glass) glass 'like' bottle with a silver pump at the top so it is easy to applied more controlled amounts of oil to the hair. 
It matches up to its luxury gold ingredient and is a rich serum which tames and at the same time nourishes the hair. The gold in the product acts as a way to intensify and activate the ingredients for more prolonged results.

Overall thoughts:

Now I cannot front to you guys, the price point for these products are very high! It is more of a luxury product for textured hair but definitely worth the money due to the size and quality of products you get. 

I like the fact that they have put a lot of thought into the mix of ingredients so that these products will work to really repair and nourish the hair over time (hence the big size of them). If you have damaged hair I think these will definitely work well for you in the long run and I feel like they will be used widely in hair salons for natural hair!

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