5 Things To Tell Your Hair Stylist!

Things To Tell Your Stylist Before & During Your Next Appointment..

This weekend I am going to get my second EVER curly haircut after my first one last year

As a natural (and curly girl) going to a salon and putting your trust in a hair stylist is a huge risk and something we have all struggled with in the past. I have asked countless times for a stylist to not put too much heat on my hair, don’t cut too much, don’t comb when dry, don’t use certain products and as we all know they do not always listen.

However within the past few years their are now more and more great salons and stylists out there who have been awakened and are trained to look after natural curly hair. They know how to cut it when dry, moisturise curls with the right products and not to use high heat.

I know a lot of you may still have reservations so I have put together some tips and things you may want to mention before you go ahead with a hair appointment (with an expert in curls).


What do you REALLY want?! 

Speak now or forever hold your peace! Do not be afraid to speak up and tell your stylist exactly what you want them to do. The worst feeling is when a stylist takes over and does their own thing and you scream inside whilst sitting and watching!


        Bring your own hair products! With my last appointment my stylist asked beforehand what products worked well for me and made sure she had them along with similar ones she recommended. You too shouldn’t feel embarrassed to bring your favourites it shows that you care and know your hair, it will also help to build a relationship/conversation with them if you are shy.


When it comes to the haircut, show some pictures of the kind of cut you would like. I recommend that you get your curls cut whilst your hair is dry. It gives you a better idea of how your hair will look day to day. Cutting it straight will make it look good when its straight but off shape when curly. Cutting your curls whilst wet can also do the same, mine was cut partly dry and partly wet (once the curls had been styled just to touch up).


Come with your hair styled out and curly (how you usually have it) this will give you a great before and after picture along with reinforcing to your stylist how it looks day to day so she can work around your look.


        ENJOY! I had the best time ever on my first curly cut. I felt really relaxed and it was amazing to have someone else go through the wash, deep condition, detangle, wash and dry process. I wish I could have someone do that for me weekly!

I will be sure to update you on my appointment, make sure to follow me on Instagram for all the juice.



Top 5 Tips For Curly Kiddies

 I often talk to you all about looking after my hair and my content is aimed at adult/teen haircare but what about the curly kids? A lot of you guys struggle with having to care for kids curls so I have put together 5 simple steps that should help to make kiddie haircare easier.

1. Detangling

This for me was always the worst part of wash day as a child. I would cry as my hair was being combed and it always felt like such a chore! After years of dealing with my own hair I know a simpler way to make detangling less painful and stress free.

If your child has very thick or long hair it can be much easier if you detangle on soaking wet hair and add a ton of conditioner! This adds slip to the tangles so they are easier to slide apart. I then would begin from the ends upwards smoothing a wide-tooth comb (or your fingers) through the hair until all knots are out. 

The key to this is patience so make sure you detangle when you aren't in a rush.

2. Deep Condition 

I understand that this might not always be practical for kids when they just want to run around an not sit patiently for 30 minutes but try to do this at least once a month. Now there are amazing tools like a favourite of mine, the 'Thermal Haircare Hot Head' which now sell kid sized versions.

The great thing about the hot head is that it is cordless so your curly kiddies can still run and play whilst it works its magic!

3. Protective Styling

Lets face it, everyday fro's are not practical for your kids at school and playing around all day they are bound to get a bunch of tangles and frizz! I would definitely opt for a fro once/twice a week and have your child in protective styles throughout the school week just to maintain moisture and help with growth.

You can have fun with styles by adding some braids to a simple bun or bunchies, braid outs and twists. Check out this simple hairstyle I created below that can last a few days out of the school week.

4. Ingredients

When choosing products for your kids you really want to be strict and careful with what ingredients you are using. You don't want to expose them to harsh chemicals as their hair is already very sensitive. 

Opt for products that are organic, natural and free from chemicals like sulphates and parabens. The online retailer 'My Luxe Kids' only sell products from brands that follow this rule so you have a great selection to chose from here, https://myluxekids.com/collections/kids most of our favourite brands have a kiddie line so check them out!

5. Moisture

Keep your child's hair moisturised if you want to keep it healthy and promote hair growth. I think the easiest way for this is to make your own moisture spritz (or buy a ready made one). It will be easy to apply to the hair quickly in a spray bottle and won't give the hair product build due to it being diluted with water, saving you until the next washday.

Follow the 5 steps above for your curly kiddies hair routine and I guarantee you will find maintenance easier. 

Looking for products and tools to help with the tips above? My Luxe Kids have kindly given my readers 15% off any purchase using my code: UKCURLY15                               https://myluxekids.com/ 

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