2014 End Of Year Hair Review

2014 has come to an end and I have enjoyed my hair journey this year as I had the chance to share it with so many people! I was asked recently by 3 people in one night "How do you get your hair so big and curly" and honestly that feels like an achievement! After transitioning for over a year now I am beginning to get my natural curls back, I owe this to using no heat at all! Weekly deep treatments, using natural ingredients and butters for moisture and less manipulation!

BUT the journey is no way near over. I still have colour in my hair that I want to grow out completely and am planning to chop off my straighter/damaged ends in the new year. Thank you all for staying with me on this journey I appreciate it so much and can't wait to share with you my plans and new hair knowledge for 2015!

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Current Curly Hair Product Deals (Most Under £10) - December 2014

Hey guys! So I thought this may be really helpful to those who love a bargain just like me! I may just do this monthly, what do you think?

After looking online and in stores (mainly UK/London based) I have managed to gather a list of great products that are currently on sale. If you know of any more please comment below so we can all help each other out!


Winter Curly Hair Routine - LOC Method

So winter is here and this time of year is always when my hair is the driest! After some experimentation and research I have started to switch up my routine for this season.



Deva Curl 'One Condition' & 'No Poo' Product Review

I review the infamous DevaCurl products! After finding them on Amazon for just £9 each! I was forced to purchase and try them for myself. Favouring the No Poo to the One Condition but both had great qualities. 

Find out more in the video below!



GIVEAWAY! Jessicurl (2 Winners)

Hey guys! I have been gone for a while but I promise you results from a lot of new products I have been trying out! In the meanwhile make sure you check out my latest video on YouTube where I demo the Jessicurl products and give you the details on how to enter my giveaway! 

I really enjoyed using these products, the deep conditioner when used with heat made my hair so unbelievably soft and detangled and my hair stayed well for about 4 days after washing! This is on my list of favourite deep conditioners! Along with the deep conditioner I really enjoyed using the 'Too Shea' moisturiser as it contains one of my favourite natural butters (Shea Butter) and is lightweight but provides great moisture.

Watch my tutorial below :)



How To Start Your Natural Hair Journey

So many people tell me how they have seen my hair change for the better and would love to do the same but just do not know where to start! If you too feel the same here is some advice I put togther to give you the confidence to go for it! #TeamNatural



Flexi-Rod Full Fringe Tutorial

Hey readers! If you are subscribed to my channel on YouTube you will have seen my latest flexi-rod tutorial where I create soft curls and a full fringe.

Its a really great way to switch up your style and length (I actually came across this trick by accident!) but need to share with you so here goes!


Root 2 Tip #QuenchMyCurls30DayChallenge

Root 2 Tip Products
Root 2 Tip is a UK company that prides itself in natural haircare and healthy scalp care. Their products contain no Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleum and Alcohol (Won me over!)

They kindly sent me two products to use over 30 days for the #QuenchMyCurls30DayChallenge

The 'Quench My Thirst - Moisturiser Creme' and the 'Grow It Long - Scalp Serum'. I love that they provided me with full sized products as I can't really judge whether a product works if I can only get one use from it.
Quench My Curls Results (Week 2)

 They asked me to share my progress with my readers, me and a few other bloggers and natural hair enthusiasts are taking part. I have been recording some of my progress on Instagram but unfortunately my journey has ended already! (Day 15). My hair needs a massive tub to last 30 days and with my hair being damaged and very dry I used up a lot of this product especially when twisting or braiding after wash day!

Review Inside x



Hot Oil Treatment Tutorial

Hey guys so my latest video is a tutorial of how I applied a hot oil treatment using the Curly By Nature products and some of my own!

I really enjoyed this method and will be incorperating this into my fortnightly wash day routine!

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The Curly Girl TAG ft. Simbafarian

Watch me and my curlfriend Simone go through the Curly Girl TAG! We answer the questions below! I TAG anyone who watches this to join in!

1. What inspired you to go natural or wear your hair curly?
2. Who are your favorite curly hair idols?
3. Which You Tube curly would you trade curls with for a day? 
4. If you could have only one product for a year, which product would you chose?
5. If you could change one thing about your curls what would it be?
7. What's your secret ingredient that your curls LOVE the most?
8. If you could merge two brands of products to make your perfect product, which two would it be?
9. What is your go-to hair style when you're in a rush?
10. If your curly hair had a name, what would it be and why?


Curly By Nature Product Review (Moisture Shampoo & Hair Repair Oil)

Curly By Nature 'Moisture Shampoo & Hair Repair Oil'

Hey lovely readers! I was recently given some samples buy UK natural hair products brand 'Curly By Nature'
So this past wash day I decided to use the Hair Repair Oil for a hot oil treatment before washing with the Moisture Shampoo.

Now I have been staying away from Shampoo for the past few washes as I think it is actually the culprit for my dry itchy scalp but decided to try out this Shampoo and if I like it I will use it to clarify my hair once a month.

Read Full Review Inside



SunKissAlba London, Hyde Park Meet & Greet

SunKissAlba Meet Up, Pictures and Alba's Top Tips!

SunKissAlba came to London!! I am so so so happy I was able to see her Twitter post about the meet and greet for today in Hyde Park. She really has been my inspiration for starting this blog and my YouTube channel! Her videos gave me hope and as you can see I now am beginning to get healthier and longer NATURAL no heat curls!

SunKissAlba holding my gift to her


D.I.Y Scalp Scrub - All Natural Ingredients

Scalp issues is something that I keep talking about and only recently I am beginning to get a better idea of how to manage them!

After some research I saw that I may need to exfoliate my scalp and get rid of the flaky dead skin. I then came up with this scalp scrub that you can make so easily and with ingredients you should already have in your cupboards!



Softhood Giveaway With Curlformers

Thanks to Curlformers for providing me with a Softhood to giveaway!
The softhood is great to dry your hair in Curlformers on a cool heat setting! It can be used also for deep conditioning treatments when you need heat to penetrate the hair!

Now to win all you need to do is, 

Tell me what deep conditioner/treatment you would use with your softhood!

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Make sure you @ me with your answer to be entered, Good luck!!


Virgin Coconut Oil - Afrofit Product Review

I have been wanting to share with you all my thoughts on Coconut Oil and its many benefits but honestly after using it for a few years now I was not sure if it really had helped my hair in any way. I had used many liquid forms of Coconut Oil in the past but after attending Fro Girl Ginny's meet up I was offered to review the UK brand 'AfroFit' and their Coconut oil.

The AfroFit Coconut oil is from Ghana, West Africa where Coconut Oil grows very easily but nothing seems to be done with it. The founder saw that Coconut Oil in the UK mainly comes from Asia and he believed that by setting up Afrofit and using Africa's oil could lead to more economic growth and allow more people to come out of poverty. (I'M DOWN FOR THAT!) 
Read more info about AfroFit here

It is important for us to put money back into our roots and I would prefer to now use this Coconut Oil brand BUT first I had to give it a try!



Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment - Product Review

A few weeks back I took a trip to the Lush store in Wimbledon looking for natural hair products. I had been aware of Lush for years but for some reason never thought to use them for my hair and skin care. 

Lately at events and on blogs I have heard a lot of people talking about the R&B hair moisturiser so this was the first product I asked the staff about. I also told them the problems I have been having with my scalp and they recommended that I try the 'Superbalm Scalp Treatment' (seen below) instead of the moisturiser (Which I think was great customer service! as they could have just tried to sell me both or go with what I asked for!).

The product comes in a round tin similar to a Vaseline tub and can be used for a year.

Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment

  • The 'Superbalm' has all natural ingredients (listed below) that calm down the scalp and reduce flaking. 
  • Its is so easy to use, you simply apply to your fingertips and massage the scalp before washing your hair. The consistency is really smooth and has a wet feeling to it. 
Lush Superbalm Scalp Treatment

  • The smell isn't amazing but you wash the product out after using so it's not a problem.
  • It can take a while to apply to your whole head as you can only use your fingertips (opposed to having a liquid oil you can use a spray bottle or nozzle to apply quicker). 

You have to use it a few times before seeing results but I used this on my last wash and I can say that my itchiness has defiantly calmed down and on my third day hair I am only starting to see a bit of flaking emerging but I feel that if I use this product consistently I should see some improvements!

Yaay so I am glad I could finally have found a product that will get me into a good scalp care routine!

All in all I will give this product a 7/10 as it has not yet fully cured my scalp but I have hope that over time it will!

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Candelila Wax, Salicylic Acid, Rose Wax, Lavender Oil, Chamomile Blue Oil, Rose Absolute, Essential Oil Perfumes. 

What do you use on your scalp to keep it from dryness and dandruff?



UK Curly Girl | HAUL Where To Buy Curly Hair Products In The UK?

So happy to finally be able to purchase most of the 'well known' American curly hair product brands now in the UK in physical shops instead of online. Check out where I get some of my staple products from in my latest YouTube video! 

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Where to buy curly hair products in the UK?

Hi guys so my latest video is a HAUL of the products I have been using for my hair lately but I thought it would be useful to share where I am able to buy them in the UK. Check out the list below with products and locations of where to find them.

Perm Rods £2 

Holland & Barrett
Dr Organic Tea Tree Shampoo £5.49
Australian Tea Tree Oil  £4.29

Afro Hair and Cosmetic stores (Usually on most high streets, I have been too, Sabina's, Tooting SW London and various hair shops in Mitcham, Croydon, Streatham) 

SheaMoisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque | £14.99
Coconut Oil 100% Natural | Various prices (mine was £1.99)

Beauty By Zara www.beautybyzara.com   |  
SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie  £12.99 
SheaMoisture African Black Soap Dandruff and Dry Scalp Elixir £12.99

Etsy www.etsy.com/ThermalHairCare |
Hot Head deep conditioning cap £18.31


@Frogirlginny's #FroGirlsMeet - Hyde Park Pictures!

Natural Curly Hair Girls - +Yolanda Grunewald 

@FroGirlGinny arranged a great afternoon in the park full of games socialising and of course selfies! I am so glad to have attended as it was amazing to meet all of the bloggers and natural hair community participants I have been connecting with online actually in person! 

Here are some photos from the event I am sure you will enjoy!


Scalp Problems - Flaking, Itchy, Dryness *UPDATE*

My scalp has been an issue for over a month now! I am really trying to figure out what has set off the irritation I am now having. I currently have an itch/burn on the back of my neck just at the hairline and the front of my hairline flakes a lot. I have tried ACV rinses and Tea Tree oil which seem to clear it up and soothe for a while but the itch always seems to find its way back!

I feel like I haven't used any new products that could have caused a reaction and anything new I have tried I have stopped to see if that helps but still no luck :( Has anyone washed/shampooed there curly/afro hair more than once a week? I feel as if that will dry out my hair so much but maybe that is what is needed?

One method that actually worked was going back to my childhood days and using Always 'Castor Oil' hair dress on my scalp. The only problem with this is that I have been reading and constantly seeing that coating your scalp does no good, it only begins to block your pores which leads to more breakage and stunt in hair growth.

I think the next step I have to take is to see my Dr. maybe even hair supplements (Hair, Skin and nail vitamins or Hairvinity) could help? Feeling very confused and a bit deflated as my natural hair journey was going so well but I can't seem to manage my scalps health.

Has anyone else suffered with scalp issues? Please let me know below x



Curlformers Product Review

Curlformers were kind enough to send me a pack of 24 long wide Barrel curls Curlformers which also comes with two rods. They kindly gave me two softhoods so that I could give one away to one my lovely followers!

Softhoods attach to your hairdryer and are great for setting the Curlformers, perm rods, rollers and even great for when you are deep conditioning your hair.

Stay tuned to my social networks to find out how to win and read my full review and gorgeous results inside…


Hair-Ology Event Review & Important Hair Notes Inside!

I was able to attend Hair-Ology this weekend as an ORS ambassador! This event had some great panelists and bloggers that were able to share their knowledge on hair growth, chemicals, natural products and trichology.

Along with the talks there were some exhibitors including one of my favourite products 'Big Hair'. The speakers included...

Natasha Dennis Founder of Black Hair Clinic and trichologist/Afro Caribbean & Mixed Race scalp adviser.
Shari Nunes Cosmetic science graduate and researcher of exotic butters.
UK Natural Hair Bloggers: Crystal Afro, Natural Belle and Julie Oli (Healthy Afro Hair)
Keith Hobbs Trichology lecturer
Peter Musahy CEO of PAKS Cosmetics
Lellah Sekalala Founder of No Scrunchie

The event was from 11am-5pm but honestly went so fast as I met some great people and was learning so so so much about hair! We also recieved some great goodie bags with decent sized product samples I will be giving away!

I managed to take a few notes whilst I was there, read inside to learn the amazing facts I caught at the event!


#ORSHairVolution Campaign Video

Hey guys here is the video I mentioned a few weeks back which features me and my hair statement!



Product Review: African Shea Butter (Creamy)


I have used Shea Butter in the past especially on my ends but have always found it a hassle to use as its so hard to melt and smooth in as lumps get stuck in your hair and so on.


Hair Freedom? #ORSHairVolution My Story

A couple of months back I was involved in a promo video shoot for ORS. It involved a group of women holding up a board with a statement that related to their hair story. Mine stated,

"My hair is not a product of your opinion"

This message stems from a lot of experiences I had growing up as a curly haired mixed race child. I will never forget the day I realised what colour and race is. I was in primary school and we were lined up in the playground and a little girl asked me "What colour are you?" and it struck me, I didn't understand what she was saying and I can't remember if I even answered or not but she then went on to say "Your not black and your not white so what are you?" and that really confused me. Up until that point I didn't see race or colour, I didn't see how I was different to the rest of the world. That is a beautiful place to be in but a shame that our mindsets are broken so easily.

I never had a problem with my race or origin and I knew my roots this was never kept from me but it just wasn't a big issue for me or in my home. It was only around other people that the subject would be brought up. Black girls (Not all) would constantly question me, Why is your hair like that? Your so lucky you have good hair? You don't know how to look after your hair? Why don't you relax your hair? and then I would have white girls (Not all) telling me how do you brush that bush? Can I do your hair?  Can I touch your hair? and how they wished they had my hair when truly at that time I wanted theirs. I even would admire other mixed girls curls as they had different textures, colours and lengths to mine.

For straight haired girls no one would fuss or ask them questions, hair was such an easy thing to deal with in their world. I think a lot of mixed and even black girls can relate to this and those who think my story isn't painful enough I am fully aware that this is nothing compared to other peoples experiences but let me share my story.

I feel like back in the early 2000's there was no one to look up too that had my curl pattern and so I was always lost in the mix. European hair products aimed at curly hair like 'Frizz Ease' and 'Bed Head' would promote frizzy and tight curls to be ugly and the products would dry out and shrink my hair. Black staple hair products like 'Pink leave in lotion' wouldn't work for me either and just drown it. There was no in between so I am glad that we now have so many products made especially for us and the awareness of natural and healthy haircare is blooming!

Me and my mum always looked for ways to tame the mane and the right products to use. She would always say when your older you should make your own or be involved in this community somehow and I am so proud to be able to fulfil this dream now! 

My confidence has grown and I am so open to trying new styles. My story has peaked and I am very near to accepting my natural hair as it is. I semi-relaxed my hair for 5 years as I wanted a looser curl. As I transition and my new growth comes in thicker and tighter I sometimes fear and wonder if I should give in and relax but NO! why should I try to alter nature when there are so many new ways of changing your hairs texture naturally! 

Curlformers, Rollers, Perm Rods and Bantu Knots are a great example of altering styles and texture along with the new Straightening and Strengthening system from the ORS Hair Repair range. I vow to only straighten my hair once a year but for those who want too more often you now can do it in a protective way and be left with curls that bounce back. 

I want to say to everyone not to relax their hair as I feel if you do the work you can learn to love your hair and find great ways to work with it. Although I have nothing against those who choose to do so as I once was there with you!

To close I just want to come back to the statement 'My hair is not a product of your opinion' which means so much at this moment in time. The natural hair community is becoming very judgemental, naturals are calling out other naturals as they feel they shouldn't be able to be a part of the 'community' and I think we all should just focus on ourselves and the positivity and growth that is happening. Natural hair is being more and more accepted so lets embrace it and focus on your own journey, instead of judging others we should celebrate each other. At the end of the day it is just hair, we all have so much more to give!

I'm proud to say I love my hair! but where are you at with your journey? 
Use the hashtag #ORSHairvolution 


ORS Olive Oil Girls Product Review

Hey guys! So the month of July is upon us and the heat is too! Time for some hair care and trying of new products! I am interested in lightweight care for summer as the heat produces oily skin and neck from my usual butters and conditioners.

I have never tried a kids range of hair products but feel like they probably are a better buy as I assume they have less chemicals and harshness as it is made for children's hair? When I was given the chance to choose some ORS products to review I decided to choose the Olive Oil Girls collection...



Product Review: BIG HAIR

Last weekend I finally gave my hair the FULL intensive care it needed! To do this I tried out the Aphogee 2-step Protein treatment following up with a deep conditioner (Using a heated cap) for 30 minutes. This is a review of a UK natural product line 'Big Hair' (First discovered at Curlvolution)

Full Review Inside!



Scalp Problems - 8 Steps To Get Rid Of Dandruff & Itchiness (Natural Remedy)

So the other day I decided (After so many recommendations from other curly girls) to try co-washing with Aussies 3 Minute Miracle conditioner and then moisturise with the TRESemme Naturals conditioner. 

I went about my day and my hair felt so light and so fluffy. However when I got in from work that night I had a terrible itchiness right in the middle front of my hair! The urge was so bad I couldn't stop itching and even felt a burn! I went to look at my scalp in the mirror and saw a lot of flakes and 2 red spots! I mean I have no idea what caused this but lately I have been suffering from a dry scalp which made me purchase some natural Peppermint oil. Luckily I had this in time. 

To combat the scalp itchiness here are the steps I took...


Product Review: ORS Hair Repair (Moisture Creme & Vital Oils)

ORS Hair Repair is a line dedicated to repairing dry/damaged relaxed AND natural hair. The products are all infused with natural ingredients (Which was a must for me!).

Out of all the products I decided to try the Intense Moisture Creme as my hair is prone to dryness and the Vital Oils as it contained so many great natural oils (some I haven't tried and some I already use).

ORS Hair Repair 'Intense Moisture Creme'

Reviews inside...


Hair Event Products and Samples Giveaway WINNER!

@cocolettevivs (Instagram name) 

You Are The Giveaway Winner!

Congrats on winning theses goodies!!

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GirlsTalkCurls - Meet up organised by the lovely London Curls!

Yesterday I was invited to meet up with some of the curly girls I spotted at the Curlvolution event and have been connecting with over social media. This was a great opportunity for me to finally meet them all in person and it went so well!

The night started with us all having some Nando's in Covent Garden and then heading down to Leicester Square for Haagen-Dazs (Who can resist Ice Cream!) 

Big thanks to Simone and PAKS for providing us with some goodies (expect some reviews soon!)

Check out some of the pictures below provided by London Curls, Check out there website here

Really excited to meet up with these girls again and hopefully start a whole curly movement! Follow them all on Instagram!

Davina and Gloria (London Curls) @thelondoncurls
Tri and Jay @CurltureUK

London Curls




As you may have seen on my social media sites I have attended a few hair events this past weekend and was given a lot of samples and products! I decided to give most of these away!

Good news for my followers and readers!

Taking part is simple! Enter your email address at the top of this blog site to subscribe!
Once you are done give me a shout on any social network to let me know you have entered!

Winner will be chosen at random and contest ends Friday 6th of June!

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Spring Curly Hairstyles ft. ORS Olive Oil Edge Control!

Hey guys! Today I put together a few cute looks for Spring using my Olive Oil edge control to give me that smooth slick look with a sweet smell :) 

I also used some accessories from Primark as flowers are really in this spring! Check out the looks below (A look book video will be coming soon).

Olive Oil 'Edge Control'

I first was introduced to this product about 2 years ago after seeing the adverts on TV I thought I would give it a go as I hadn't found a gel that could hold my hair without flaking. This edge control honestly works great for me as it has such a smooth texture kind of like 'Always Castor oil' except for its waxy hold. As you can see in the photos below my edges are very slick and moisturised/shiny, great for those humid days when you don't want your hair in your face!

What hairstyles do you love to wear in Spring/Summer?

Click For More Looks...


This month I have come to the end of all of my favourite hair products and simply couldn't afford to buy them all at once yet! After stressing I decided why not just buy the essentials and save some money?

I went to my local hair shop and picked up some Almond Oil (I have seen a lot of hair bloggers use this in their LOC method) and also Shea Butter. I decided that until I am able to buy new products I will simply use water, Almond Oil and Shea Butter to moisturise my hair.

So far it does work very nicely on braid outs and for my after wash routine (Video coming soon) but I have to admit when having Almond oil on your loose curly hair in this humid weather it does leave a unpleasent smell so I have kept my hair in buns mainly for the past week.

As a lesson I have seen that I don't have to be a product junkie, as long as I have the main essentials needed I should try and settle for them only!

Check out my full post on this issue at TrialsandTresses.com

Also look out for some new videos coming up on my YouTube channel!

Thanks for reading guys xx

What are your favourite natural essentials?


Hair Henna - Yes or no?

Every 6 months or so I have started to notice a pattern, I get bored with my hair...

Looking back at pictures around christmas and then my birthday in May my hair always changes whether texture or colour between those 6 months. Why stop the pattern now?

Well I am on a natural hair journey that I want to stick to but here is the issue. I am dealing with a whole lot of dry blonde hair which is hi-lighted and I just want to get rid of it! I don't want to cut so my other option is to dye my hair dark so that I vow to never dye my hair again. I did this in 2012

Black hair 2012
May 2012

and my hair was so much healthier but I grew bored and honestly feel that I suit lighter hair more but this time I know I will not dye my hair blonde ever again!

So the question is will Henna dye my whole hair black? Is it strong enough to get rid of the bleached blonde and is it healthy for your hair? Any advice you have would be helpful :) 

Thanks curlies x


How To | Senegalese Twists

I did my own Senegalese/Shannon twists! I say Shannon twists as I haven't perfected the craft yet but for a first attempt I think I did pretty well!



Hair Frustrations - Diary of a Transitioner...

Today really is a bad hair day.. So lately I have been taking so much care with my hair! using natural oils, satin caps, moisturisers, butters, treatments IT ALL! But the ends and pretty much every part of my hair that has been coloured is dry and breaking! My curls are hardly curly and I am just so close to doing a big chop but am I selfish in wanting to just hold out?



Hi everyone! I am finally able to give away a prize to my followers! I have some ORS Hair Repair products up for grabs! All you have to do is follow me on,

Twitter: @UKcurlygirl
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and comment below this post with your '@' name!


Good luck guys! The winner will be chosen at random and sorry to anyone outside of the UK!

More worldwide contests coming soon!

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Favourite Hair Products : March 2014

My March favourites video is out now! Product Countdown: #1 - Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner (Great for twists, braids and protective styles!) #2 - Africas Best Ultimate Oils #3 - Kinky Curly Knot Today Detangler #4 - Cantu Shea Butter Curling Cream #5 - ORS Hair Repair Anti-Breakage Cream #6 - Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo


My First Braid-Out Results!

I currently am testing out a few transitioning hairstyles that match the new natural hair texture with your old relaxed hair texture. Since the twist out didn't work to well for me I decided to try a braid out with damp hair (not soaking wet) and I used 'Elasta QP's Olive Oil & Mango hair moisturiser' to braid each section neatly!

The next day when my hair was dry I took the braids out carefully and left the two front ones in to create a cute style!



The Natural Curly Hair Trend Is Spreading!

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Bantu Knots

So I tried the Bantu Knot method! And loved the result it gave me!

To achieve this look I sectioned my hair and applied Africa's Best Herbal Oil to my palms and smoothed down each section of hair to then twist into the knot. 

Short Instagram Videohttp://instagram.com/p/lZ7HNQlnDi/

*TIP* Make sure your sections aren't too thick as they will not wrap around tight enough to stay in the knot and will begin to unravel a few of mine did this throughout the night.

I will do a video tutorial on this method very soon for you all to see exactly how I did it :) So stay tuned.

How often do you apply Bantu knots to your hair?


Tutorial! How to get Kaylin Garcia from LHHNY signature updo

I am back with my third video! which is a quick and simple tutorial to show how I achieved the look I loved from Love and Hip Hop New York's past season with Kaylin Garcia.

It is a basic pineapple but with shorter hair you could also create a Mohawk to get the same result!

Check it out, let me know what you guys think and what you would like to know more about :)



Hairstyle Of The Week

This weeks feature is a bit different as it isn't a style as such but I had to share with you Nicki Minaj's natural hair pictures she posted earlier this week! You would have never imagined her hair to be so long! Defiantly gives me inspiration to try out more protective styling such as weave, twists etc to give my hair a break and hopefully give it time to grow!

Have an idea of what Nicki does to treat her natural hair? Leave your thoughts in the comment section x

Check out her pictures inside!


UK Curly Girl is an ORS UK Ambassador!

To all of those who follow me on Instagram you may have caught my picture with the goodie bag I received from ORS over the weekend. This was because I have been made a brand ambassador for the company! which means great news for UK Curly Girl as I will have more product reviews, giveaways and content for you all!

And just in case you were wondering ORS (Organic Root Stimulator) are the company responsible for the many brands me and so many other girls have grown up with the most popular being 'Olive Oil' now they include 'Hair Repair', 'Curls Unleashed' 'Essential Oils' and more! What is so important for me is that they pride themselves in using natural, healthy oils in their products and they know the science behind hair, I learnt a lot from the ORS educator and am excited to learn more info I can then share with you guys.

This Thursday we will be at the Beyonce concert at London's 02 Arena which I am so excited for! Please follow @ORS_UK on Twitter as they will be posting more content from me and the other lovely girls on the team!

Check out some more pictures from the event!


Mixed Chicks Review

So my new video is out! But I wanted to expand on everything I didn't get too in the tutorial!
1st : I do ramble on a lot! Still getting used to talking directly to you all so keep tuned for improvement on that!
2nd: Sending a big thank you too Mixed Chicks!

Overall I loved the look Mixed Chicks gave me, it was a fluffy/Afro kind of curly hair and I like that every now and again however I feel as if it didn't give my hair any real moisture so I wouldn't use it for a protective style and I did co-wash using 'Coconut Cowash' the next day as I felt adding another leave-in conditioner on top wouldn't work well and cause build up.

*I did use Jamaican black Castor oil on my hair before applying the Mixed Chicks 'Leave-In' but did not show it in the video as I already had been rambling on for so long lol*



Hairstyle of the Week

After watching VH1's 'Basketball Wives L.A' I spotted Draya's hair in one of the scenes and love the style! Her hair was straight and she has extensions but I thought I would try it anyway with a curly spin! See inside x
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