How I Refresh My Dry Curly Hair!

We all have a day (mine is usually the third day) after washing when our hair just isn't looking good! It becomes flat out of shape and dry! To combat this I refresh with the following steps.

Step 1. Release hair from any satin hair ties/scarfs carefully!

 Step 2. Softly pull hair back into the shape that your hair was styled on wash day. (This will save you having to spend extra time finger curling or creating more frizz by switching partings)

Step 3. Grab any leave-in conditioner you have and an empty spray bottle and squeeze enough to cover 1/4 of the bottom of the bottle. You want to use a lightweight conditioner rather than a souffle/butter/smoothie, I used the DevaCurl 'One Condition'.

Step 4. Fill the bottle halfway up with water.

Step 5. Begin to spray your hair focusing especially on your ends and any frizzy strands (do not soak your hair completely!).

Step 6. Do not touch your hair and leave it to dry naturally :) Your hair will now bounce back into shape but with moisture! You can also add any favourite oil you have during the drying process but I just stuck with the water and conditioner. This is also something you can do everyday if you feel you need too.

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