Dames & Dimes Review

I am back with another all natural beauty product! I only like to use products on my skin and hair that have the least harmful chemicals as possible and this body cream has none at all.

Dames & Dimes (UK company) make an all natural whipped butter that includes organic and unrefined shea butter. I received the butter in this packaging below with a creative little note that goes along with the theme of the brand.

Now you may think why not just buy shea butter but for me and I am sure many others it can be a long process having to break some of the butter off letting it melt a bit in your hand before applying it easily whereas with a whipped butter it is immediately soft and ready to apply smoothly to the skin.

As you can see below it left my skin really soft, shiny and moisturised as if i had just applied baby oil. They recommend to use straight out of the shower or just before bed and I agree that is when you get the best results.

 I recently had a night out and loved using it on my legs as they appeared moisturised and had a shine to them (no one likes dry knees on a night out lol). I also used it as a foot moisturiser, applying a lot to the soles of my feet and putting on thick socks before bed, the next morning my feet were so smooth!

The product comes in a reasonable tub and for 3 weeks of consistent use I have about 1/3 left and have used as a body moisturiser, hand cream, face moisturiser and hair cream when my ends were dry. I love the softness of this cream and it includes some other great ingredients like coconut oil, kukui nut oil and rosehip oil.

As a lover of all natural products (but no patience to put my own together) I would definitely repurchase this body butter as I have enjoyed the fluffy and lightness of the cream for my body.

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Purchase here: https://www.damesanddimes.co.uk/collections/all

Thanks for reading :) If you know of any other all natural skin products let me know in the comments below!

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