NYC Curls Product Review

It’s that time again, another review! I have been using this brand for over a month now so have a clear idea of how the line worked on my curls. NYC does not only stand for city but also “Know Your Curls” and was created by Carlos Flores who grew up struggling with his own curls and watching family members struggle with theres! 

Looking after curls became his passion and has taken him to heights, he flies to London frequently for clients and has now created his own hair product line.

The line comes with 3 (the basics) cleanser, conditioner and gel and is a "3 step moisture enhancing curl system". All products are free from sulfate, silicones and parabens. My favourite is definitely the conditioner and least the gel, find out why below!

The Curl Conditioner

This conditioner in my opinion is definitely one for looser/wavy curls and is actually a favourite of my mums who has wavy hair. I lovvvee the pump bottle that the conditioner has, it is a multi-use conditioner so one that can be left in the shower especially good for when you want to detangle or co-wash as its easy to grab and get a lot of product in your palms, which I need as my hair is really thick. 

This conditioner has great slip! Mixed with great moisturising ingredients you can also use this product as a deep conditioner but I would prefer to use something thicker for a deep conditioner.

Here is what my hair looked like after using the products:

The Curl Gel

The gel/styler from this line added that extra umpth to my wash and go so it is really good if your hair needs that extra push to be defined. Asides from the umpth I am not really a fan of gel's for wash and go’s, my hair takes better to curling creams.

This gel did work well but after using I did notice flaking on my clothes (none visible on the hair) but the more it rubs against clothes and moves around in the day the more flakes you get from the dried up gel. A solution to this (that they recommend) is that you can use the products to make a spritz by mixing in a spray bottle with water, this might help to dilute the gel and cause less flakes.

The Curl Cleanser

The Curl Cleanser worked really well and is a great option for you if you like to use thicker cleansers with no lather. Products with no lather are much healthier for your curls are the ingredients in products that lather are very harsh and drying on the hair. 

I loved the smell of the cleanser and was really nice to use on my hair, the products all have a similar citrus scent and the cleanser is infused with mint oil, vitamin E and Aloe, which I love! However I wish the cleanser had a pump bottle like the conditioner as it was a struggle to get it out of the bottle due to its thicker consistency.

Overall I liked the NYC Curls line but feel it would be very beneficial to those with looser curls/wavy hair and not so much thicker/afro curls. I liked the texture and feel of the products along with the smell but hopefully they can improve on the packaging and would be great to see a few more 
                                                           products added to the line.

My UK curlies you can buy this line from http://myluxebeauty.com/collections/nyc-curls


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