Braided Headband Hairstyle Tutorial

Need a quick an easy hairstyle to spruce up your curls or even cute for work and school? Check out my braided headband tutorial below!

Step 1: Section off a middle parting and then 2 diagonal partings down towards your face.

Step 2: Apply some conditioner/styler to 1 of the sections and detangle ready for braiding.

Step 3: Starting from the scalp begin braiding down towards your face all the way to the root and repeat for the section next to it.

Step 4: Pull both braids back to the back of your head and tie together tight enough to stay or use a thin hairband/bobby pin to keep in place.

Step 5: Perfect your edges with some gel or edge control.

You can also style this into a bun for day 2/3!

Challenge! Try this hairstyle and tag me in your results, I will then share on my Instagram page @ukcurlygirl

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