Women Be Killin It! InternationalWomensDay

I’ve had this topic in my head for a few weeks now and today is the perfect day to release my

As an aspiring full-time business owner/blogger/entrepreneur I naturally am surrounded by women on similar journeys to mine within the blogging/entertainment and natural hair communities. 

Thanks to social media I get to connect with them from all over the world and watch everyone’s progress from growing a following, securing brand deals, events and more! To see women who look like you, do the same things as you and even live in the same city as you, killing it is so inspiring, how can you lose!

In the natural hair community, I would say it is 99% made up of women and mainly women of colour who are owning hair product brands, blogging about hair and modelling it. Thanks to the internet we have all been able to create huge followings and revenue from simply having a passion for hair and sharing that passion with others through creative content. Full time work has been created from this industry and it has allowed so many to have financial freedom in doing what they love.

This is my dream and I have been so overwhelmed lately with the support from close women who want to work together towards this same goal.

This is something hard to find in this day and age so when you do find it hold on to it! My definition of sisterhood is having someone there who supports everything you do and shares her gems with you to help you progress along with working together to do the same. 

After years of reading up on positivity and success I have learnt that their is enough to go around! We all can make it so their is no need to feel threatened, jealous or sour over another women’s success, I wish we all could realise this!

Meet up with your sisterhood, make a Whatsapp group, and support your friends as if their brand was yours! I recently linked up with my curlfriend @HairIsSimba who has helped me every step of the way of this journey and together we created so much content in 2 days! 

Working together will only = success, I’ve seen it happen in the US blogger sphere but not so much in the UK, hopefully we can change that!

I understand the feeling of jealousy, as when I didn’t know what I wanted to do in life I would sit and scroll through watching other women living their dreams and killing it, it would make me feel like I was missing out and I started to wish my life away until one day I realised only I can make it happen! I began to not watch others and instead use it as inspiration to start my own business.

Once you get rid of the negative energy you will begin to really live and as women we are so strong and can conquer ANYTHING. Special shouts to all of the women who are bringing up children and still have the time to grind and work towards their passions!

All in all I just want to celebrate women today (who needs men right) the tradition has changed and we can work and provide for ourselves! *Plays Destinys Child*

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