Heat Damage After Straightening Curly Hair

So to understand where it all went wrong let's go back to the beginning... 
Last week I decided after months and months of contemplating, to straighten my hair. I was gifted the DAFNI straightening brush and saw how it managed to straighten curly hair well and wanted to try it for myself! I did tons of research on how to protect my curls during the process.
I bought the most recommended heat protectant CHI Silk Infusion and did a protein treatment using the Aphogee 2 step protein treatment 1 week beforehand to strengthen and prepare it. 

Long story short check out the process I went through in the video below,

All was gravy, I really enjoyed my straight hair and only went over it once with the straightening brush within a whole 8 days. Day 9 came and I wanted to wash my hair and get my curls back. I used the SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo and when rinsing out my hair felt really light (usually happens after straightening) but I could feel my fingers literally slipping through the front of my hair way to easily and not what I was used to. 

I tried not to panic and followed up with a deep condition Boucleme Moisture Treatment and Curls & Co Steamer (Code: UKCURLYGIRL for 20% off), next was time to reveal my hair and style using SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil leave-in and styling lotion again to strengthen and restore my curls. 

It was then that I saw I had terrible heat damage in a section at the front of my curls. (I cried) it is not the end of the world but such a shame!! I had transitioned for 2-3 years and have been through all of this before, I am so glad it is only 1 section of my hair but also ashamed that I even took the risk.

So check out the pictures and video below of the damage.

My first shampoo after straight hair

After styling with the leave-in and styling lotion (still wet)

Hair completely dry

Day 2 - After a twist out

After applying a leave in and styler

Hair completely dry

This picture below of my damage went crazy with views and likes on Instagram! A lot of you guys said to keep the straightening video up but create a follow-up series.

Check out the first video below..

I am now not a fan of heat at all and I really want you guys to be careful, use me as an example as it can really go either way! If this one section was fine it would have been a happy ending but unfortunately, this wasn't happy but it is a great lesson for me and you guys.

I will continue to treat my hair throughout the next few months and see if any progress. Do follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my channel for all updates. 

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