2014's Favourite Hair Products/Tools For Natural Curly Hair

UK Curly Girl's Favourite Hair Products of 2014 

Hey guys so I wanted to do a whole blog post on the products I really loved using for my natural curly hair this year. As a transitioner I have been trying out many products so that I can find a hair routine that suits me! I knew this would be too long for a video and some products I no longer have packaging for so I hope this helps :) 

I understand many people don't like to spend so much on hair products as a lot of the best ones are VERY! expensive and I am not the richest person myself but hardly splurge on makeup or clothes so most of it goes straight to my hair! Stay tuned for more posts on affordable products and deals.

**All opinions are my honest own conclusions after using the products this year. This post was not sponsored by any of the brands mentioned**
So lets get into it!

Leave-in Conditioners:

Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil 'Leave-In'

This leave-in is perfect for you if your prefer a light/water based conditioner. My hair soaks up water and loves these types of products. After seeing so many great reviews from hair guru's and general girls online I knew I had to try a product from the new 'Jamaican Black Castor Oil' line! The product smells like vanilla (one person also said cake mix lol) which I love! and it does not make your hair then smell of the product all day long.

It comes in a tub which is very convenient if you have very thick hair as you can freely grab as much product as you need. The size is great value for money and I have been using the product for a month now and still am hardly finished! It keeps my hair moisturised and is great for refreshing any frizzy/dry curls.

Downsides: The price (which is expected for us UK customers) we get the short end of the stick when it comes to American products as many of them are much more expensive in £'s. One tub was £11.99 'on sale' at my local hair shop but you can also buy from Amazon for £16.99> amazon.co.uk/Shea-Moisture-Jamaican-Conditioner

Kinky Curly 'Knot Today'
This stuff is amazing! I mean hands down the best ever product to use when detangling hair, the slip is like no other product I have tried and what makes it even greater is that it provides great hold making it a perfect styler. The consistency is very light also but a bit thicker than the 'SheaMoisture leave-in'.

Downsides: I feel I am allergic to something in the ingredients :( which is so so so upsetting (and very rare) I do plan on testing it out again but once I stopped using it my scalp stopped itching. I also researched online and a few others also had a reaction. Another downside is the price again as it is an American product it is available for £15.99 on Amazon> amazon.co.uk/Kinky-Curly-Knot-Today and comes in a bottle which I got through so quickly! BUT all in all amazing product and I recommend everyone gives it a go.


Tresemme Naturals
Great value for money! This is my best buy this year and the most easiest product to get. You will find this product in your local supermarkets and drugstores *dances* and it often goes on sale for buy 1 get 1 free or half price but you will never pay more than £7 for a bottle. Another great thing about this product is the size! It comes in a massive thick bottle which is great for detangling as you can use a generous amount.

I use this product after shampooing just to soften my hair and I then finger detangle my curls once I have soaked it in this product. After detangled I rinse out and follow with my deep conditioner/treatment. It is a MUST HAVE for any natural/curly girl> superdrug.com/TresemmeNaturals

Hair Butters:


Big Hair 'Moisture Me Whipped Butter'

The Big Hair butter is 100% natural so can be used as a body butter also. This stuff smells so yummy! and is a thick texture but spreads very easily and softens in your hand. I love to use this butter for braid outs and it always gives me flawless results! It comes in a tub and lasts for a pretty long time as you will only need a small amount per braid/twist.

Downsides: The product may be a bit pricey at £14.95 but if you have the money to spend it is worth it for it's great results and the amazing ingredients! They are a UK brand and currently have a pop up shop in Sheppard's Bush, London or you can buy from their website> bighair.co.uk/whipped-butter


DevaCurl 'No Poo'

Cowashing was something I discovered in 2014 and found it very useful for when your hair needs to be refreshed but you aren't ready to wash your hair completely. The 'No Poo' comes in a bottle just like a regular conditioner, the consistency is also like a conditioner and it does not lather. The smell is amazing it has a lavender scent and is so fresh! every time I use it I feel like I am treating my hair.

Downsides: The price at £18 on Amazon> amazon.co.uk/devacurl+no+poo & £14/$20 from Sephora sephora.com/no-poo . It can be quite hard to use the first few times if you are used to Shampoo. No Poo does not lather so you have to really massage your scalp well without relying on foam to know how good you are cleaning your hair.

AsIAm 'Coconut Cowash'

I also enjoyed this cowash! It comes in a really big tub which is perfect for thick hair when you just need to grab a hand full. The smell is very strong and coconut'y which I loved, the consistency is thicker than the DevaCurl but also is mainly water based. I also loved to use it for detangling. The product is £10.99 from Amazon > amazon.co.uk/AS-Coconut-CoWash

Downsides: I couldn't really tell if the product was working for me but I would recommend you to try it.

Curly By Nature 'Moisture Shampoo'

This shampoo was given to me to review from the UK brand 'Curly By Nature' I was only given a sample size so had one wash day with it but the lather was amazing! Also the ingredients were very impressive (Sugar, Coconut, Honey Extract) and it feels so amazing when you are massaging your scalp. There is no lie in the name of this product as it defiantly is a moisturising shampoo (Who knew they existed!).

Downsides: This product isn't available in any stores at this moment in time but you can buy from the company's site> curlybynature.com/moisture-shampoo and it also is very pricey at £18.99.

Dr Organic 'Tea Tree Shampoo'

This was a shampoo I picked up when I was suffering from a terribly itchy scalp! After research I found that Tea Tree oil can really soothe the itchiness and dandruff so I decided to give it a try. The Tea Tree is very strong in this product so defiantly does the job! Available at Holland & Barrett for a great price of £5.49hollandandbarrett.com/dr-organic-tea-tree

Downsides: It does leave your hair feeling dry and can tangle it so you need to really moisturise and softly detangle your hair once the shampoo is rinsed out.

Deep Conditioners:

Jessicurl 'Deep Conditioning Treatment'

This deep treatment worked wonders for me when I used it in a steam room whilst on a Spa day. My hair felt so soft and moisturised for a few days after using! It has a thick consistency and contains great ingredients like 'Shea Buter', it comes in a bottle and has a good amount of product.

Downsides: The packaging can become hard to squeeze open after a while. This product also isn't available in mainstream stores in the UK, but can easily be bought online from Curly Emporium for £14.99curlyemporium.co.uk/Jessicurl-DeepTreatment

Liz Earle 'Botanical Treatment'

Now this right here! Magic! It has organic and natural ingredients which left my hair feeling soo soft and manageable after deep conditioning under a heated cap (I do for all deep treatments). The smell is very fruity which I love! Liz Earle is also a well known and respected brand so the product is available easily for us in the UK.

Downsides: Is the size and price, it comes in a small bottle similar to a facial cream or scrub. Having thick and longer hair you won't get many uses from it but it is a great quality product! Price is £29.99 from Amazon> amazon.co.uk/Liz-Earle-Botanical-Treatment and £8.75 for the medium size from the website> uk.lizearle.com/botanical-shine-conditioner but sells out quickly!


Shea Moisture 'Curl Enhancing Smoothie'

The curl enhancing smoothie has been my gel alternative this year! For all styles that needed hold eg) Curlformers, Flexirods, Twists I have used this product! Its consistency is like an extra thick conditioner and it has a very fresh smell with great ingredients including Coconut Oil. It comes in a huge tub and I have had this product for the whole year! (Bare in mind I do not use it as a conditioner) this is something I add to my hair when I feel it is needed. This product is also now available in your local Afro-Caribbean stores.

Downsides: The price again as Shea Moisture is always more expensive for us UK customers. It is £12.98 from Amazon> amazon.co.uk/Shea-Moisture-Smoothie


Africa's Best 'Herbal Oil' 

This oil is amazing as it is a mixture of so many oils that benefit us! This product can be used for your skin and hair as a sealant, hot oil treatment and more. The greatest thing about this product is the price! Only around £2 !!> amazon.co.uk/gp/product/ and is available in all local Afro-Caribbean hair stores.
Downsides: It is an orange colour which can sometimes stain the sink or clothes but is easily wiped off but a pain if you are in a rush!

Root 2 Tip's 'Scalp Serum'

This product saved my scalp! It is amazing for soothing any flaking and itchiness. You simply squeeze some onto the scalp with its easy to use applicator and massage your scalp. Honestly after using this my scalp has become much better! If you follow me on Instagram you will also see my monthly progress as I test whether it will grow my thinning edges back> www.instagram.com/ukcurlygirl

Downsides: This product is not available mainstream shops but you can buy from> pakcosmetics.com/Grow-It-Long-Scalp-Serum

Accessories / Tools:


This is a groundbreaking tool! I remember always thinking as a child "How will I have my hair on my wedding day! If I have its straightened it will frizz up, but if I have my curls they will frizz/shrink" well this tool is the solution! Please check out my tutorial> youtube.com/curlformers as you will see the amazing results! It makes your hair look like your have hot pressed and curled it all with NO HEAT! *faints*

Downsides: The price (but can you blame them?) and as I have thick hair I felt like I needed 2 packs instead of 1! Also the process can be very long but it is all totally worth it and great for special occasions. On Amazon they are the usual price of £45.95 > amazon.co.uk/Curlformers

Thermal Care 'Hot Head Conditioning Cap'

WOW! This is another groundbreaking tool! A deep treatment session will never be the same once you have tried a hot head. This product is the easiest way to retain heat whilst deep conditioning, you throw the cap in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and pop it on top of your shower cap and carry on with your day for 20-30 minutes as your hair screams THANK YOU! It also comes in some great colours and patterns> etsy.com/ThermalHairCare

Downsides: It is only available from its Etsy store and can take longer for delivery but like I mentioned before it truly is groundbreaking! Also the price is £20.33 plus shipping but I want you all to try this!

So those were my favourites of 2014. I look forward to discovering some new great products this year and hope I have inspired you to try some of the products mentioned! Let me know if you do and how you found them.

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