Transitioning To Natural Hair : What I Have Learnt 18 Months In

(Left 2013, Right 2015) Transition to natural curly hair.

It has been a year now since I consciously started my natural/healthy hair journey and I am only now beginning to fit into a comfortable hair routine. 

The one thing you will need when transitioning is to be consistent and have a passion and goal for your hair, if not then it will become so easy to give up and give in to heat or the scissors! 

There will be a few very awkward stages during your journey when your hair begins to grow. I've had about 3! 

1) When you are dealing with 2 complete different colours and texture.

Transitioning curly hair (January/Feb 2014)

2) Straight ends that mess up braid outs and twist outs (Perm rods on your ends can combat this). 

Braid out with straight ends (Spring 2014)

3) Trimming off very dry dead ends

Dead ends trimmed off (Spring 2014)

When you feel like giving up don't be discouraged there are many ways you can combat this and if you don't want to get creative you can always just moisturise your hair and throw it into a bun simples! Transitioning styles have kept me going, I usually only wash and go once a month the other weeks I will do either a braid out or twist out.

Braid out with perm rods to curl ends (Summer 2014)

Twist out (Spring 2014)

Twists for a twist out. (2015)

 This is such a great way to blend your curl patterns and keep your hair neat with less manipulation throughout the week. I haven't myself been a fan of protective styling I tried Senegalese twists and loved how they looked but, 

Senegalese Twists (Spring 2014)
 they took so much effort and with my hair length I felt it became very heavy on my head and also didn't blend well with my natural hairs texture. One protective style I will be open too this year is weave or clip in hair as my hair loves to be braided up I think it will be a great way to protect it this summer.

 If you were a frequent relaxer like me you will be amazed that your hair will begin to grow past shoulder length. 

For years I wondered why my hair would not grow every 6 months it would be the same thing, I used to fight with my hairdresser to not cut my ends but they would always say it will make my hair grow faster, but still no growth!  

It's been a journey but in the past year my hair has never grown so fast! For years it would never pass my bra strap and I put this down to no heat and regular deep conditions/protein treatments they are a must! 

Left 2013, Right 2015 (Present)

Let me be a great inspiration to you all! 
My hair has never been healthier and longer becoming natural was the best decision I have ever made! 

How did you find your transitioning journey?


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