The Perfect Bantu Knot Out !

I have discovered the key to getting perfect results for my Bantu Knots! This technique is perfect for you if the thought of using rollers or rods puts you off immediately. For Bantu Knots all you need is some product, a comb and your hands!

Products Used: 
Eco Styler Gel 'Olive Oil' http://amzn.to/1IDOcKB

Curlformers results - UK Curly Girl

For this style I began on 6 day old hair that had been styled using Curlformers, This then meant that my hair was stretched *not in it's natural curly state* when my hair is stretched it takes to rollers, rods and knots much better than if it was wet in its natural state. You can stretch your hair in many ways, braid outs, twist outs, blow outs, combing your hair out and banding.

On dry hair I started to run my fingers through the curls the Curlformers had created with Afro Fit's coconut oil on my palms. Next I sectioned of my hair in two half's with a middle parting. The key to get perfect results is to apply the Bantu Knots very neatly to detangled hair.

The size of your Bantu Knots determines what kind of curls you will end up with, so if you desire Hollywood waves you should create your knots by using bigger sections

Bantu Knots - UK Curly Girl

When starting on your knot you want to use a rat tail comb to section a square as neatly as possible! You then want to finger comb through the section and make sure it is moisturised with Coconut oil and gel down the roots of the section so they set smoothly!

Next pinch the section at the root with both hands and begin to spin the hair in one direction, keep spinning whilst bringing the hands down to the ends of the hair.

Starting a Bantu Knot - UK Curly Girl

Once the section is tight you can then spin the hair again and it will begin to fold into the root and this is where you follow the natural flow and wrap the hair around itself at the root. Now repeat this step around the whole head!

Creating a Bantu Knot - UK Curly Girl

As I started on dry hair I didn't have to leave the Bantu Knots in for too long. I covered with a satin scarf carefully and watched TV for about two hours. Then I began to gently remove the knots with Coconut oil on my finger tips. When unwrapping you simple unscrew them like you would with a cap of a water bottle. You will be left with a flawless curl!

Bantu Knot results - UK Curly Girl 

To style further separate and fluff at the roots

Separating Bantu Knots - UK Curly Girl

Here were my results,

Bantu Knot Out - UK Curly Girl

Stay tuned as I will have a full length tutorial on how I achieved this style on my YouTube channel if you need some extra guidance.

Thanks for reading :) 

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