My Current Curly Hair Product Must Haves!

A lot of these hair products you may be familiar with me mentioning but I thought it would be useful to put them all together in an updated list, so far here is a collection of my main favourites!

These are all products I continue to go back too due to there great ingredients and effects they have had on my hair. Most our conditioners as I have dry hair! Check out the old and new products that made the list!

I won't go too into why I love this product as it has been reviewed on my blog and YouTube channel many times BUT it is a product that has multiple uses but I love to use it for my braid outs/twist outs as it has great moisture and hold. 

My favourite product to co-wash with! It has a great smell and relieves my scalp of build up (NOT as deep cleansing as a shampoo BUT when in need of a refresh during the week this is a great product to use.) You can also detangle with this in the shower as it has great slip.

The best product for hold! I use it for my twist outs, Curlformers, perm rods usually before applying a wrap and set mousse. It is also very lightweights considering it is a smoothie.

Aphogee Keratin 2 Min Reconstructor:

A newbie in my favourites! Apply this after washing your hair to detangle with and watch your curls bounce back! I love to rake this through my hair and leave on for around 10 minutes then rinse out (I know it says 2 but I like to be extra!). It is great for transitioners or those with heat damage. I used it weekly for about a month and now use it every 2 weeks.

I LOVE this product line but the styling gel really stood out for me as it is so light! Slip is amazing and it does not leave any flakeage or stiffness. I trick the owner shared with me is to apply generously to soaking wet hair then seal with coconut oil! This will leave your hair so soft and defined.

Kinky Curly Knot Today:

Still the best leave-in I have ever used. Its so easy to apply and makes the detangling session so much easier. If you struggle with wash day this product will make the process enjoyable. 100% natural ingredients and smells amazing!

Liz Earle Botanical Conditioner:

Best deep conditioner I have ever used! Some unusual natural ingredients including Aloe Vera and Blue Seakale but it instantly leaves your hair soft and smells great. 

I hope you try these products out and if you do please let me know what you think! I gave some of my favourites away to one of my followers and she also found them amazing!


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