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It's about time I shared with my readers stories from my fellow amazing naturals! My first feature of the week is from blogger EyeDah Fine Me who has a YouTube channel sporting her recent big chop! She recently has started a really creative design account with some amazing designs featuring positive black figures! I will let her tell you the rest...

1) Who is the face behind the brand?

Hi there! I'm Aida, also known as EyeDah Fine Me on Youtube and Instagram. I'm a 22 year old Natural Hair and Life Vlogger from London 

2) What is Mother n Diaspora?

Mother N Diaspora is a brand I created for my love for the Mother Land and her children, The brand explores different aspects of Africa. I like to include African print in all of my work to make it recognisable.

3) What made you venture into grahic design?

I needed to create my logo for my YouTube channel and I'm the kind of person who likes to do things for herself and so I had to learn. I like to see myself as a very visually artistic person, I'm used to drawing and painting. Graphic design was just another form of art to me so it came pretty easily.

4) Did you teach yourself?

I taught myself the basics just by playing around with PhotoShop. Luckily for me I work in a Media orientated college so when I needed help on something such as how I was going to do my hair in the logo I asked one of my colleagues. That's were it all started. Whenever I need to figure out how to do something else then I go onto YouTube or Google and do a quick search. 

5) What inspires your designs?

My designs are inspired by my love for African print. When I was learning how to use photoshop I decided to test it out on a picture of me. I drew myself on the software and then added some tribal marks on my face. I then put a photo of an African Print design as my background and viola. I was feeling it. That was the basis of my designs. I then decided to focus on Inspirational Black Figures and that's how my Janelle Monae piece came about. I then wrote down a list of people I see as inspirations and slowly I am working through it. To date I have completed pieces of Janelle Monae, Lauryn Hill, Malcolm X and Amandla Stenberg. I am currently working on a piece of Tupac. 

6) What are your future plans for Mother n Diaspora?

I plan to go through my list of Inspirational figures whilst also doing extra pieces on the side. The original plan was to get them printed onto t-shirts but now I am also looking into phone cases, posters, badges and lots more. I also want people to send me images for me to draw so that they are more personalised but still has the Mother N Diaspora touch.

7) Where can people see your designs?

You can follow @Mother_N_Diaspora on instagram and also @MotherNDiaspora on Twitter

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