'Noughty' Product Review

Introducing a NEW natural hair line available in the beloved hugely accesable 'Superdrug' store in the UK! Yes for once we have a line that is ours and 'not available in the US (Just yet!). I was lucky enough to be approaching by 'Noughty' as I had never heard of the brand before but am soooo happy I was able to try. 

The brand has a number of product lines with catering to different hair needs. I asked for the 'To The Rescue - Moisture Boost' line as I am a fan of moisturising products. I was given the Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in so I could test out a full wash day.

The brand also have the collections, 'Rise & Shine - Everyday Shine', 'Care Taker - Scalp Soothing', 'Wave Hello - Curl Defining' and 'Detox Dynamic - 2-in-1 Detoxifier'

Here are my thoughts on each product (keep reading to watch how my hair took to the leave-in!).

'Moisture Boost' Shampoo

First impressions were good as I felt the texture of the shampoo in my palms before applying to my hair. It was soft but also thick which I could feel straight away that it was going to be moisturising as it looked like a conditioner. The product lathered a tad but left my hair detangled and moisturised without the sticky stripped feeling you can get with other shampoos (I am convinced it is 97% natural!).

'Moisture Boost' Conditioner

Again good impression the conditioner was thick also and was easy to apply to my curls. It didn't have the best slip however my hair was damp (due to filming, I wasn't applying in the shower). I feel like you would have to use a lot more product to get the slip you really want. At just £6.99 I am sure you can be ok with over doing it!

'Intensive Care' Leave-In Conditioner

As you know, my favourite part of the routine is applying the leave-in conditioner, this is make or break for me when it comes to products! Straight away I was impressed by the products slip, it didn't feel like it had a chemical film to it and was easy to detangle with. My curls soaked up the moisture straight away and left my hair defined.

The craziest part was that I only used this on my hair, no other leave-in and my hair was still defined, moisturised enough and soft!

Demo Using The Products: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWIj8YlAvGY/?taken-by=ukcurlygirl

All in all I am VERY impressed by these products and amazed at how stores like Superdrug have transformed by allowing natural hair brands in! (Not to mention the gorgeous mixed curly girl as the face of the brand!).

However I was a bit let down that the packaging was smaller for this product as I really could have done with more of the leave in that the Shampoo and Conditioner (#CurlyHairProblems). 

I am also sceptical at how cheap these products are!! 

All at £6.99 each, is this a prank!? Definitely go and try it out yourselves!


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