How To Wash Curly Hair (My Current Method)

How to wash curly hair?

I recently discoverd a new way to wash curly hair, thanks to Youtube blogger SunKissAlba who did a tutorial on her routine. I now understand that after washing you can actually train your hair in a way that you won't have to touch it so much throughout the next few days after.

I will upload a video on how I do my wash but for now follow the steps below. Also the Facebook page www.facebook.com/curlyhairtutorials posts them frequently!

My Wash Routine:

Step 1. Finger detangle and twist hair into sections with pure coconut oil on your fingers. Then give your hair a well deserverd head massage, you get one during your visit to the hairdressers so why not treat yourself at home!

Step 2. Wet hair completely in the shower/sink and cleanse hair with ‘Dr.Bronners’ natural soap (I do this only if I feel my hair has a great build up of products & hasn’t been washed in a while). Rinse and wash again with ‘DevaCurl No Poo’ shampoo with no foam (less chemicals). Apply generous amount of ‘Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque’ massage into hair then twist hair into bun and cover for up to an hour in plastic cap or bag (If you can't find a cap!). 

Step 3. Rinse out masque with COLD water (keeps in moisture), Squeeze out excess water with a microfibre towel or tshirt, keep hair damp but not dripping wet.

Step 4. Section hair, Finger comb the section you are working on (if dry add a bit of water), oil scalp with 'Castor oil', use a leave-in conditioner and smooth in.

Step 5. Get one strand of hair (thickness up to you) and with 'Eco Olive Oil gel' curl around your finger, repeat for every section (time consuming but worth it).

The result is a head full of moistured ringlets. I still haven’t mastered this technique but once you leave your hair to dry naturally! (No heat) the curls should come to life. The end strands of my hair are still very straight so I plan to cut these ends of soon so they don't weigh my curls down.

What do you do differently from my wash routine? 


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