Why Have Natural Hair?

Why go natural?

Going natural was actually due to a change I went through during University. Being away from your home comforts friends and family gave me a new sense of responsibility and I began to come into my own person. Whilst becoming more concious I came across many articles online about manipulation of the daily products we use (hidden chemicals). This then prompted me to do my own research and I found that if you do read the ingredient lists for a lot of your favourite products you will start to see that there are so many words you cant even pronounce or begin to understand what they are!

Long story short I wanted to...
only use natural ingredients on my hair as that is how the Universe intended? Unfortunately most leave-in conditioners aren't completely natural so I am still on my search for the perfect product. There are many new natural products out there and a lot of the most popular brands have began to advertise 'Paraben and Sulfate' free products which is a good thing but I still continue reading whats in the product.

I looked to using essential oils as I wanted my hair to grow and ever since I have favoured Argan Oil and Coconut oil once again I switch between both when I feel one oil isn't working anymore (Just my experience).

For the past 5 years I have been semi-relaxing my hair twice a year, The idea came to me during college when I just was fed up of my hair shrinking and the curls being so tight I just didn't know how to handle it and always dreamt of having curly hair like Christina Milian or Jessica Alba (who clearly were not the same ethnicity as me) but I still went for it. To be honest I enjoy my relaxed hair, it straightens so much easier and faster and I can wear it curly with length.

After dying bleach blonde highlights last year my hair has been breaking terribly and is so dry! I just made the decision that it is time to give my hair a well deserved break and look after it the natural way!

I will keep you posted on how I get on, next step is to trim ends or big chop still undecided!

What made you turn to natural?

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