LOC Method with twists

Today my hair was looking very dry and curl-less but I currently am running really low on products so I decided to try the LOC method (Liquid, Oil, Cream).


1) Completely wet hair in shower.
2) Dry access water out of hair.
3) Add Extra virgin olive oil (I used to use this in my hair a few years ago and noticed that it helped my hair grow so I am going to start using this more, plus it was so easy to find in the house as you use it to cook with).
4) Finger detangled and added 'Deva Curl One Condition' (The teeny bit I had left) and rub into hair.
5) Section your hair and half each section and twist around sealing the ends with 'Always Castor Oil'.
6) I added a satin cap on top of the twists just to keep the moisture in as I am going to be in the house all day.

Trying to make twists hot lol

The twists are hard to keep locked at the ends of my hair so I keep re-twisting them but I am looking forward to the results, I hope I can keep the twists in for about two days and I will show you how my hair turns out. Right now it is feeling very moisturised and healthy.

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