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After watching VH1's 'Basketball Wives L.A' I spotted Draya's hair in one of the scenes and love the style! Her hair was straight and she has extensions but I thought I would try it anyway with a curly spin! See inside x

Here is how I achieved the style!

Step 1: Section a rectangle shaped piece of hair at the front and clip it out of the way before styling the rest of your hair (You will braid this later.)
Step 2: Section the rest of your hair in half and tie a ponytail with the lower section.
Step 3: Tie the higher section into a ponytail (You now have 2 ponytails on top of each other giving the illusion of a longer ponytail).
Step 4: Braid the middle section making sure you define the edges of the braid so it can stand out from the rest of the hair. (My braid was not at all perfect still trying to master this!)
Step 5: Slick back all of your edges and sides making sure the braid fits into your highest ponytail.
Step 6: Style finished :)

Step 7: Close up of braid
Step 8: You can also make this into a different style by turning the ponytails into 1 bun.
Step 9: Bye guys MWAH! x

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