Hair Frustrations - Diary of a Transitioner...

Today really is a bad hair day.. So lately I have been taking so much care with my hair! using natural oils, satin caps, moisturisers, butters, treatments IT ALL! But the ends and pretty much every part of my hair that has been coloured is dry and breaking! My curls are hardly curly and I am just so close to doing a big chop but am I selfish in wanting to just hold out?

 I have been trying to grow my hair out for years I just would like for it to be past my bra strap at least..

Although dyeing and relaxing my hair has caused this I just really am not willing to chop so here I am just striving through. I know things could be worse but today it is just really getting to me.

So the next step is to trim my ends and go for a protective style of Senegalese twists at least I can have a break for a few weeks from my curly routine. You know when you just look back at the silly choices you made,

To anybody reading this who has virgin hair PLEASE PLEASE do not dye or relax it UNLESS you are fully aware of the bad sides and are willing to commit 100% to caring for your hair.

That's my rant for the day, just had to release this into the universe so I can carry on with this journey. Please reach out if any of you feel the same! We can get through this together! #IRepCurly

Thanks for reading xx

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