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I did my own Senegalese/Shannon twists! I say Shannon twists as I haven't perfected the craft yet but for a first attempt I think I did pretty well!

On total it took me 3 days as on the first day I actually used Afro/Kinky hair when really I should have went for the Kanekalon hair as it is much smoother and matches my twisted hair more.

Afro Kinky Hair ends( too thick)

Once I had figured this out I then went and returned the packs of hair I didn't use to my local hair shop and bought these new ones that where only £2 per pack, I bought 4 black packs and 2 blonde (Used 2 blacks and 1 blonde).
Kanekalon Hair extensions

I chose a blonde colour to use as my natural hair has highlights and I wanted them to look more natural.

I got to grips with my technique from researching about a week before on YouTube at how other girls had been maintaining their twists and how they actually applied them.

* When researching here are a few good terms to use 'How to prepare braiding hair', 'Senegalese twist tutorial' 'Senegalese twists products', 'Kanekalon hair', 'How to maintain Senegalese twists'*

Products used to twist: 

After gathering my research I decided to use my the Elasta QP butter as my moisturizer followed by a finger tip of Jamaican black castor oil (rub mainly onto scalp area) and then to seal my natural hair I tried out a new product 'Twists N Locs shea butter locking creme'
which worked great without leaving my hair dry and flacky. I then began with the twisting! Check out some videos below that I watched and copied whist doing mine.

Video's that helped me: 
HowToBlackHair: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXqWAp3jL_M
Tasha Green: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF6L0zt1Owc
Christian ByShe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=siyC-aUBNVk 
(Prepping the hair) Akushika GoneNatural: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6ZzGJCUyAs 

Maintaining the hair:

Once you are finished your twists it is good to seal the ends by dipping them into a bowl of boiling hot water and leave in for about 1-2minutes, this gives the ends a much smoother and thinner look!

To keep my hair healthy and to prevent frizz and itchiness I have been sleeping with the twists under a satin bonnet and satin scarf (wrapped around the bonnet). Every night I have been oiling my scalp using ORS Hair Repair Vital oils (I love because of the nozzle! gets directly into scalp).

In the mornings I mix some Kinky Curly's 'Knot Today in a spray bottle with water, shake and spray all over my hair and then seal with some oil.

The Final Look:

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