Product Review: ORS Hair Repair (Moisture Creme & Vital Oils)

ORS Hair Repair is a line dedicated to repairing dry/damaged relaxed AND natural hair. The products are all infused with natural ingredients (Which was a must for me!).

Out of all the products I decided to try the Intense Moisture Creme as my hair is prone to dryness and the Vital Oils as it contained so many great natural oils (some I haven't tried and some I already use).

ORS Hair Repair 'Intense Moisture Creme'

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The moisture creme is said to restore the hair and scalps moisture balance, you use this as a leave in or an overnight treatment. I have tried this product as an overnight treatment and as a deep conditioning treatment.

Overnight Treatment:
I parted my hair into 8 sections (4 on each side) and braided my hair with a fair amount of the Moisture Creme. I then sealed with the Vital Oils and slept with my hair wrapped.

This creme smells so amazing! the texture is thick but can be easily distributed into the hair. When I woke up the next morning I felt as though the creme hadn't fully soaked into my hair and it felt very heavy and greasy however my hair still looked dry (hope this makes sense) basically I feel as if it was just coating my hair not really penetrating it.

Hair Repair Moisture Creme residue after deep conditioning

When using this as a deep conditioner I also felt the same way I don't feel that this product is agreeing with my hair and I am anxious to know why, I have been told that my texture takes well to very light (water based) products (this one isn't as light) so I would say this could be the reason.

After doing research I have seen that this product seems to work well with a lot of others so I wouldn't knock it until you try it for yourself but if you are like me and you work well with lighter products this probably isn't the best moisturiser for you.

ORS Hair Repair 'Vital Oils

This is such a handy product to have (especially when it is only around £3) I first used this product when I had my Senegalese Twists in. The packaging is great as it has a nozzle at the top which makes it easy to apply directly to the scalp (handy for when you have an itch in your braids partings and so on.

The oil soothes your itches and scalp straight away and also smells amazing! The mixture of oils in the product really won me over, Grape seed oil seems to be the main one and is an oil I haven't yet tried but have heard it is very good for hair. I also use this oil to seal after conditioning.


When applying to the scalp be careful as the oil will leak out and can get into your eyes and on your face (learn from my mistakes!) wear a towel around your neck when applying also.

Overall I think ORS have done a good job with this line of products as a lot of consumers are now looking out for natural ingredients and cheap ways to fix their hair. I loved the Vital Oils as it left my hair feeling fresh and nourished along with giving it such a nice smell!

However I felt the Creme didn't work for me. Next I think I will try the Conditioner.

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