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Last weekend I finally gave my hair the FULL intensive care it needed! To do this I tried out the Aphogee 2-step Protein treatment following up with a deep conditioner (Using a heated cap) for 30 minutes. This is a review of a UK natural product line 'Big Hair' (First discovered at Curlvolution)

Full Review Inside!

To all of the natural ingredient lovers! This line is for you! I fell in love with the products at Curlvolution when a Big Hair representative explained to me the importance of a lightweight conditioner for my hair, their Moisturising Milk contains Aloe Vera which I already know Is a great source of moisture for the skin and hair! All of their products are free from Parabens and harsh chemicals.

I bought a small starter kit which included a sulphate free shampoo, deep conditioner, moisture milk and butter.

The packaging was really sweet and I appreciated that they stated on each product the exact percentage of how natural each product is (So many products claim to be 100 percent natural on the packaging) so this made me trust in the brand much more.

Leave-in Moisture Milk

I used this product as a detangler on damp hair after washing. I sectioned and finger detangled before twisting. This product feels so light just a bit thicker than water! It smells really clear and fresh mainly like Aloe Juice. My hair soaked up this products moisture and became so much softer making it easier for me to detangle. I like this product and feel that its lightness is what works well with my hair type. 

Conditioning Hair Treatment

The deep treatment I loved so much! the texture was cleaner than the Mahogany Naturals treatment but I could still feel small grains of something which was nice as I felt like I was using raw ingredients. The treatments texture was similar to a creamy yoghurt/mouse and worked wonders on my hair after 30 mins under my Hot Head Cap.

Moisture Me Whipped Butter

This whipped butter was amazing! 100 percent natural which means it can also be used as a body cream! I used this product on my freshly washed and dentangled hair to twist. I applied two strand twists to my full head and the butter held them very well. The texture is so soft to touch but has a hold/stickiness to it. The smell is also very nice. It includes Seed Oil, Avocado Butter, Vitamin E and Shea Butter.

The first and only issue I had was that the bottles were too tough to squeeze the substances out, I literally had to take the top off and tip the bottle upside down in my palm to get the Shampoo out (the same issue with the milk) if they cold improve on this it would be perfect.

This product line gets the UK Curly Girl approval! Defiantly recommend you try it, you can purchase their products online HERE and thanks for reading :) 


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