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A couple of months back I was involved in a promo video shoot for ORS. It involved a group of women holding up a board with a statement that related to their hair story. Mine stated,

"My hair is not a product of your opinion"

This message stems from a lot of experiences I had growing up as a curly haired mixed race child. I will never forget the day I realised what colour and race is. I was in primary school and we were lined up in the playground and a little girl asked me "What colour are you?" and it struck me, I didn't understand what she was saying and I can't remember if I even answered or not but she then went on to say "Your not black and your not white so what are you?" and that really confused me. Up until that point I didn't see race or colour, I didn't see how I was different to the rest of the world. That is a beautiful place to be in but a shame that our mindsets are broken so easily.

I never had a problem with my race or origin and I knew my roots this was never kept from me but it just wasn't a big issue for me or in my home. It was only around other people that the subject would be brought up. Black girls (Not all) would constantly question me, Why is your hair like that? Your so lucky you have good hair? You don't know how to look after your hair? Why don't you relax your hair? and then I would have white girls (Not all) telling me how do you brush that bush? Can I do your hair?  Can I touch your hair? and how they wished they had my hair when truly at that time I wanted theirs. I even would admire other mixed girls curls as they had different textures, colours and lengths to mine.

For straight haired girls no one would fuss or ask them questions, hair was such an easy thing to deal with in their world. I think a lot of mixed and even black girls can relate to this and those who think my story isn't painful enough I am fully aware that this is nothing compared to other peoples experiences but let me share my story.

I feel like back in the early 2000's there was no one to look up too that had my curl pattern and so I was always lost in the mix. European hair products aimed at curly hair like 'Frizz Ease' and 'Bed Head' would promote frizzy and tight curls to be ugly and the products would dry out and shrink my hair. Black staple hair products like 'Pink leave in lotion' wouldn't work for me either and just drown it. There was no in between so I am glad that we now have so many products made especially for us and the awareness of natural and healthy haircare is blooming!

Me and my mum always looked for ways to tame the mane and the right products to use. She would always say when your older you should make your own or be involved in this community somehow and I am so proud to be able to fulfil this dream now! 

My confidence has grown and I am so open to trying new styles. My story has peaked and I am very near to accepting my natural hair as it is. I semi-relaxed my hair for 5 years as I wanted a looser curl. As I transition and my new growth comes in thicker and tighter I sometimes fear and wonder if I should give in and relax but NO! why should I try to alter nature when there are so many new ways of changing your hairs texture naturally! 

Curlformers, Rollers, Perm Rods and Bantu Knots are a great example of altering styles and texture along with the new Straightening and Strengthening system from the ORS Hair Repair range. I vow to only straighten my hair once a year but for those who want too more often you now can do it in a protective way and be left with curls that bounce back. 

I want to say to everyone not to relax their hair as I feel if you do the work you can learn to love your hair and find great ways to work with it. Although I have nothing against those who choose to do so as I once was there with you!

To close I just want to come back to the statement 'My hair is not a product of your opinion' which means so much at this moment in time. The natural hair community is becoming very judgemental, naturals are calling out other naturals as they feel they shouldn't be able to be a part of the 'community' and I think we all should just focus on ourselves and the positivity and growth that is happening. Natural hair is being more and more accepted so lets embrace it and focus on your own journey, instead of judging others we should celebrate each other. At the end of the day it is just hair, we all have so much more to give!

I'm proud to say I love my hair! but where are you at with your journey? 
Use the hashtag #ORSHairvolution 

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