Hair-Ology Event Review & Important Hair Notes Inside!

I was able to attend Hair-Ology this weekend as an ORS ambassador! This event had some great panelists and bloggers that were able to share their knowledge on hair growth, chemicals, natural products and trichology.

Along with the talks there were some exhibitors including one of my favourite products 'Big Hair'. The speakers included...

Natasha Dennis Founder of Black Hair Clinic and trichologist/Afro Caribbean & Mixed Race scalp adviser.
Shari Nunes Cosmetic science graduate and researcher of exotic butters.
UK Natural Hair Bloggers: Crystal Afro, Natural Belle and Julie Oli (Healthy Afro Hair)
Keith Hobbs Trichology lecturer
Peter Musahy CEO of PAKS Cosmetics
Lellah Sekalala Founder of No Scrunchie

The event was from 11am-5pm but honestly went so fast as I met some great people and was learning so so so much about hair! We also recieved some great goodie bags with decent sized product samples I will be giving away!

I managed to take a few notes whilst I was there, read inside to learn the amazing facts I caught at the event!

Natural vs Chemical Products

Damaged hair = Lifted cuticles
Shampooing can chip the cuticle layer and damage hair along as we usually scrunch and rub back and forth when washing. Using heat and brushing the hair can also cause damage.

Conditioning agents= 

  • Cationic surfactants 
  • Cationic polymers
  • Emollients and lipids (Shea butter, Olive oil)
  • Silicone's (Great for wet detangling)
  • Humectant's (Glycerin)
Your hair actually cannot tell between a natural product and a non natural product, its about working with what your hair reacts well too. 

Less irritation comes with synthetic ingredients. This is because scientists know how to use the minimum level required for the product to be effective. WWW.CTPA.ORG.UK can debunk and scares you have concerning ingredients.

Chemical treatments 

When relaxing your hair there are many choices and different price ranges of relaxers, Some may say used with Shea Butter or Coconut oil but what your really should be looking out for is whether it contains Formaldehyde. Try to avoid this chemical and is has been known to cause Cancer/Cancer causing elements.

Colour =
Semi permanent colour is the best option for keeping your hair undamaged as this chemical does not interfere with your hairs natural pigment

Hair Growth Basics

  • Each hair grows up to 7 years then falls out then the hair regrows again from that same follicle.
  • Normally 70-100 hairs shed daily is normal in good health.
  • Lack of humidity is a factor in UK which makes hair dry! Regular steaming is necessary! Steam your hair first then cover scalp with a light oil.
  • To grow your hair needs moisture and protein.
  • Oil and grease on the scalp is not needed! You need oil on your hair to seal in protein that has been used on the hair. Using a light oil like Jojoba oil on your scalp maybe every wash is fine as it is the closest to your hairs natural oil.

What are your thoughts on what was discussed?

Thanks for reading, UK Curly Girl x

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