Virgin Coconut Oil - Afrofit Product Review

I have been wanting to share with you all my thoughts on Coconut Oil and its many benefits but honestly after using it for a few years now I was not sure if it really had helped my hair in any way. I had used many liquid forms of Coconut Oil in the past but after attending Fro Girl Ginny's meet up I was offered to review the UK brand 'AfroFit' and their Coconut oil.

The AfroFit Coconut oil is from Ghana, West Africa where Coconut Oil grows very easily but nothing seems to be done with it. The founder saw that Coconut Oil in the UK mainly comes from Asia and he believed that by setting up Afrofit and using Africa's oil could lead to more economic growth and allow more people to come out of poverty. (I'M DOWN FOR THAT!) 
Read more info about AfroFit here

It is important for us to put money back into our roots and I would prefer to now use this Coconut Oil brand BUT first I had to give it a try!


I have been using this product for 2 weeks now and have found it best to use before wash day. When my hair is really dry the day before…

I will apply the Coconut oil onto dry hair and completely soak the hair with the oil.

 I then finger detangle and french braid my hair in 2. 

This really gives my hair softness and moisture ready to wash out the next day! This has helped so much                  with my knotting issues and is a great way to prepare the hair for washing. 

  • The oil comes in a great sized tub which is very practical when you have thick hair as you can easily use your palm to grab the oil out instead of having too squeeze a bottle or pour out of a glass bottle (which I have used in the past with other brands)
  • It is very watery, The consistency does change in different temperatures but even when the oil has hardened it quickly becomes soft and smooth in your hands which is great when applying to the hair. 
  • The smell isn't pleasant, it isn't terrible but doesn't smell like perfume ( lol ). It has a plastic scent to it not sure how to explain it but you will get over it as it doesn't hang around on your hair to make it smell too.
  • Sometimes there can be big clumps of Coconut in your hair after using but you can combat this by just warming your hands up beforehand and really rubbing into your palms before applying to the hair.
Overall I will be using this product again as it is very practical and I love that my hair eats it up! Also I have not yet tried it for it's many other purposes e.g Cooking, Oil pulling, Toothpaste!

Many thanks for AfroFit for allowing me to try this product! 


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