Scalp Problems - Flaking, Itchy, Dryness *UPDATE*

My scalp has been an issue for over a month now! I am really trying to figure out what has set off the irritation I am now having. I currently have an itch/burn on the back of my neck just at the hairline and the front of my hairline flakes a lot. I have tried ACV rinses and Tea Tree oil which seem to clear it up and soothe for a while but the itch always seems to find its way back!

I feel like I haven't used any new products that could have caused a reaction and anything new I have tried I have stopped to see if that helps but still no luck :( Has anyone washed/shampooed there curly/afro hair more than once a week? I feel as if that will dry out my hair so much but maybe that is what is needed?

One method that actually worked was going back to my childhood days and using Always 'Castor Oil' hair dress on my scalp. The only problem with this is that I have been reading and constantly seeing that coating your scalp does no good, it only begins to block your pores which leads to more breakage and stunt in hair growth.

I think the next step I have to take is to see my Dr. maybe even hair supplements (Hair, Skin and nail vitamins or Hairvinity) could help? Feeling very confused and a bit deflated as my natural hair journey was going so well but I can't seem to manage my scalps health.

Has anyone else suffered with scalp issues? Please let me know below x


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