SunKissAlba London, Hyde Park Meet & Greet

SunKissAlba Meet Up, Pictures and Alba's Top Tips!

SunKissAlba came to London!! I am so so so happy I was able to see her Twitter post about the meet and greet for today in Hyde Park. She really has been my inspiration for starting this blog and my YouTube channel! Her videos gave me hope and as you can see I now am beginning to get healthier and longer NATURAL no heat curls!

SunKissAlba holding my gift to her
Unfortunately Alba was only here for a couple of days and 12pm was the only time she could spare for a meet up so a lot of others weren't able to come because of work/school/college BUT Alba did tell us she will be back soon! and for longer so keep tuned to her on Instagram and Twitter..

The stunning SunKissAlba with UKCurlyGirl gift

All of the girls were lovely and I am glad to have shared this moment with them!

To all of you who couldn't make it I have put together some snippets of the information I caught from our Q&A session. x

SunKissAlba's Tips:

  • Alba recommended the EO conditioner it is the most affordable and her favourite to use, she buys this from WholeFoods (There are WholeFoods Markets in the UK)
  • Alba hardly trims her hair as she doesn't need to! If she does decide to trim she will usually do this herself and only with the top layers of her hair as she likes the bottom of her hair to be longer.
  • NO HEAT in case you haven't watched Alba's journey! She has committed to no heat for a couple of years now and has no desire to straighten her hair! You can tell it has worked wonders on her curls #CurlIcon
  • Weekly Coconut Oil treatments is something Alba recommended to us if we have dry or damaged hair
  • Scalp massaging with a mix of peppermint oil and coconut oil is also great for giving her scalp some TLC
  • For today's meet and greet Alba had styled her hair using the Deva Curl line (Deva Curl One Condition… Available at 'Beauty By Zara')
  • Don't trust any hair stylists? Alba recommended Googling to find a DevaChan trained stylist that is available in the UK
  • To avoid harsh water Alba bought a water filter for her shower from (Toolsforwellness.com) great for protecting the hair as NYC and London seem to both have hard tap water.
  • Alba's popping colour you can see in her pictures are highlights that start from the middle of the hair  "Hair Contouring" similar to Naptural's hair here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlMk9ZAVRi4 
  • For my itchy scalp Alba said she had the same problem and recommended to no longer use shampoo and to use a No Poo cleansing conditioner or Co wash. She says I may feel like the Shampoo will get rid of the itchiness but really it is just making my scalp dryer.  
I learnt a lot from Alba and she is such a great soul she stayed longer to take selfies with us all and spoke to us as if we had been friends forever! Great day!!

Check out Alba's channel here > youtube.com/SunKissAlba


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