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Root 2 Tip Products
Root 2 Tip is a UK company that prides itself in natural haircare and healthy scalp care. Their products contain no Parabens, Sulphates, Petroleum and Alcohol (Won me over!)

They kindly sent me two products to use over 30 days for the #QuenchMyCurls30DayChallenge

The 'Quench My Thirst - Moisturiser Creme' and the 'Grow It Long - Scalp Serum'. I love that they provided me with full sized products as I can't really judge whether a product works if I can only get one use from it.
Quench My Curls Results (Week 2)

 They asked me to share my progress with my readers, me and a few other bloggers and natural hair enthusiasts are taking part. I have been recording some of my progress on Instagram but unfortunately my journey has ended already! (Day 15). My hair needs a massive tub to last 30 days and with my hair being damaged and very dry I used up a lot of this product especially when twisting or braiding after wash day!

Review Inside x

Root2Tip Anti Breakage Creme

Anti-Breakage Creme Review:

First up this product is extremely moisturising and reminds me of a butter but has more water so becomes thinner and easier for you to apply to your hair which I LOVE

After using it in many ways my two favourites are to seal after using a light leave-in like 'Kinky Curly's Knot Today' and the second method that I now will be using religiously is moisturising my ends at night and tucking them away. This has improved my ends amazingly and leaves them curled up the next day! 

This product is my night time staple and if you are looking for some kind of moisturising leave-in to give your hair some life I recommend trying this product out. The fact that it included Shea Butter is what I think makes it so great.

  • The yellow colour this product has can stain clothing and surroundings so be very careful when applying especially to wet hair. I found stains on my pillowcase and carpet but was able to wash them out.
  • It does create a lot of build up especially as I applied this nearly every day/other day so when washing out or even wetting my hair you could see the yellow residue in the shower.

I think this is a great moisturising product and has defiantly helped my coloured dry ends! I am convinced and would add this product to my favourites but use it only to moisturise my hair overnight and the ends when needed.


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