Flexi-Rod Full Fringe Tutorial

Hey readers! If you are subscribed to my channel on YouTube you will have seen my latest flexi-rod tutorial where I create soft curls and a full fringe.

Its a really great way to switch up your style and length (I actually came across this trick by accident!) but need to share with you so here goes!

I started off by sectioning off the front of my hair, detangling and then applying some water and conditioner.

Next I separated this front section into about 5 smaller parts ready to apply the flexi-rods.

Next I applied some Eco Styler Gel to the section and took a flexi-rod pressed against the end of the section and began rolling upwards making sure the tension was tight and my hair was rolling around the rod neatly (this will ensure your curls have no frizz when unrolling).

Once rolled up to the root you bend the ends of the flexi-rod inwards to tighten around each other.

As my hair was damp I decided to sleep with the rollers in and cover with a satin cap. The next day you simply check that they are dry and unravel with Coconut Oil on your palms and fingertips.
Here were my results!

Once unravelled you want to separate the curls and play around until you have a full fringe! 

Let me know what you think of this look by sharing & commenting below :) 


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