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Summer is here and to continue with my summer curly hair tips I wanted to show you guys some styles I have been wearing this summer and whilst I was on holiday. 

The summer heat can put you off wearing your curly hair out and wild! I found that the humidity would cause my hair to shrink and frizz. Along with this I also was irritated by the way my hair products and oils would melt down my edges and neck causing spots.

So here are 6 hairstyles that keep your hair away from the face but still show off your curls!

Let me know what your favourites are and check out the full tutorial inside!

The Elongated Ponytail:

This is a style that I love as it adds so much thickness and length to an ordinary ponytail. I section my hair in 3 parts (Bottom, middle and top) and create a ponytail for each section. I then pull the ponytails tight and fluff out the curls to help disguise the 3 sections, this makes it look like one high ponytail and longer hair. Thank me later!

The Twisted Bun:

Such a great up do style for any weddings or fancy events you have this summer. I simply created a side parting at the front of my hair and created to flat twists from the two shorter sections of my hair at the front on each side. I then gathered the twists with the rect of my hair and twisted them all together into a low bun at the back of my hair! Simple and also a great protective style. 

The Princess:

This Disney princess style curly hairstyle is beautiful for festivals and evenings out in the summer. You can also add some really cute accessories to the twists. I simply made two twists the exact same way as the 'Twisted bun' but this time left the rest of my hair out and gathered the two twists to the back of my head tied them together in a single knot and added a hairband/hair clip for extra security! Another great way to get your hair away from your face in the sun.

The Pineapple:

An all time favourite not much to explain except no need to double tie your hair band or be too neat with this style! 

The Top Knot:

Growing more and more popular amoungst curlies this half up half down style is so trendy and you can get creative with the bun! Try one on each side (Space buns or mini bantu knots). 



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