How To Be Confident | Learning To Love Your Natural Hair & Self

I had my first ever "Blogger photo shoot" last week! Naturally I am a total introvert but this is something I have been working hard to get over these past few years and I constantly test myself by doing things I would naturally NEVER due to my inner fears. A photo shoot with
all eyes on me is one of my worst nightmares! Honestly I had to play the whole thing out in my mind a thousand times and I still felt uncomfortable. If you can relate I hope the following will inspire you to put yourself out there more like I am!

Putting myself out there on YouTube is by far the bravest thing I have ever done, I swore that I would never be the one in front of the camera so much so that I studied Film & TV production to be the crew or mastermind behind the talent. However after years of studying and being the one behind the scenes their was always a part of me inside that wanted to express all of the ideas and opinions I had on screen. That's when I discovered my passion for my natural hair and began watching YouTube which inspired me to share my experiences with you guys! 

Being on a natural hair journey has forced me to have to love my appearance. There were times and still are times when I don't feel comfortable going out with big hair I just don't like the attention it brings which is silly as most of the time it is good attention and inspires others to be natural also.

  • You may look in the mirror or at pictures of yourself and stress about the things that you don't like about yourself (I mean who doesn't?) but don't let that stop you from doing things you really want to do in life. 
  • I stage my confidence so much that I start to believe myself and that bounces off of others. Pretend you are the greatest, you are beautiful and you know it! (Don't be cocky with it) but never let your insecurities tie you down! (This advice is coming from the known 'quiet' and 'shy' one in any situation). 
  • Confidence will also come with age I realised my goals and dreams and knew that only I was going to stop them from becoming a reality. I don't want to look back in 10 years and regret not doing certain things because of my low confidence.
Here are some books that honestly have shaped this new mindset that I have:

Fabolousity: What It Is & How To Get It by Kimora Lee  (Link to book)
 How can you not take advice from a self made successful beautiful independent woman like Kimora Lee! She explains how to build confidence so that you can get want you want out of life whilst being fabulous.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne  (Link to book)
A must read for everyone! This explains the power of the mind and visualisation it literally changed my life and others around me loved to read and practise some of the lessons inside.

The Science Of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles  (Link to book)
This book expands more on the teachings of The Secret in relation to money and success in life. 

Massive thanks to these two talented females! Was great to collab with you both, make sure you give them a follow on Instagram!
Photographer: @_la.belle__     Make Up Artist: @makeupbyindi 

 Shot in London (Covent Garden & Trafalgar Square)


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