Beauty Spotlight: 'Vican Whipped Shea Body Butter' Review

I like to review natural beauty/skincare products every now & again on my blog as I am very passionate about spreading the word and importance of using all natural beauty products!

This week I am sharing my thoughts on the 100% natural 'Shea whipped body butter with Lavender' from Vican. 

Unlike the typical body butters you can purchase from The Body Shop or any other drugstore/fashion store this body butter is organic, pure and has a thick texture. If you are familiar with raw Shea butter it is basically the same except much easier to apply to the skin thanks to the added oils (Coconut oil & Lavender oil). 

It comes in the usual round tub most body butters do and is easy to scoop the butter out. This Shea body butter comes in a variation of scents and mixtures, I chose the Lavender oil butter as I love the smell of Lavender and find it very relaxing and great for use after a long lay in the bath! 

This butter also has great uses for your hair! I have been massaging it into my scalp lately which has been feeling dry and itchy. When I apply this to the scalp it is instantly relieved, the Lavender with Shea Butter is great for an anti-dandruff remedy and helps with eczema.

Out of the many pure Shea butter's I have picked up at local supply stores this is hands down my favourite due to the right combination of the Shea butter and the oils, it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy and heavy but yet is smooth enough to apply to the skin easily. 

A new favourite of mine! 

Where to purchase the body butter:


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