Feature Of The Week: HairIsSimba

1) What does HairIsSimba do?

I work in the public health sector & I am a model. I recently
did a sleep out for charity for CentrePoint they help young people aged 16-25yr olds who are homeless we raised £7000 between us all! AMAZING.

The experience was something, although
I was surrounded by people I couldn't sleep with the noise of the thunder storm. I woke up disorientated & felt very claustrophobic. It was scary, now i understand why some homeless people depend on alcohol with so much going on in their minds & trying to get through the night alcohol will make them numb & get through it.

If I ever wear my scarf and walk past and see homeless person cold I will give it to them, I will not ignore them. I felt so emotional the day after & grateful. I have always said you don't need to be hit by a brick to know it hurts, meaning you don't need to go through something to understand but honestly sometimes you really do. My heart & soul is in the community & if I can do anything I will.

2) What made you get into modelling and charity work?

I have worked with charities that focus on helping people who have experienced child abuse & it led me to a role that is allowing me to develop my knowledge & skill on mental health. 

Modelling was for me to develop my confidence & to get creative! I feel so free when I model & I get to meet so many different people which lead to amazing opportunities.

3) What is your goal for the future?

I want to have my own charity or project to help young women who have been sexually exploited & have mental health problems. I want to educate unknown about child abuse & support families. Modelling wise, I would love to see my face on a main stream cover or do some presenting! I probably would have about 100 outakes! Ha!

4) Have you always wanted to embrace your natural curls? If not, why and when did you begin too?

Yes & no… I think there was just not enough women around me with my type of hair I loved it but it just seemed like hardwork! So the creamy cracker became my best friend & my hair got severely damaged. I turned 18 & began to transition it wasn't as popular as it is now! Now there is so much out there to give you education & support you on your natural journey! I love it :)

5) What is your current hair routine?

COCONUT OIL & wrap it in a bun! It is winter season & my hair needs as much moisture. I am keeping it so simple right now treatment once a week & coconut oil in a bun for work.

6) Favourite hair products?

7) Do you go to a hair stylist/salon?

I am currently being taking care of by Unruly Curls based in the heart of Notting Hill Gate they trim my mane for me! I have a phobia of scissors & stylist. However, Michael is taking care of me!

You can follow Simone and her journey on social media here, 

Instagram @hairissimba Twitter @hairissimba


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