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A few weeks ago I took a 3 day trip to Lisbon ALONE! I have never left the UK alone so this was a huge step for me! The oppourtunity came about when meeting up with a company who are developing a new product line (IT IS AMAZING!) they are based in Lisbon and I thought it would be great to connect and also take out some time for myself to reflect and relax.

Durng the 3 days I learnt a lot!! And was a great eye opener into my strength as a person. I woud recommend that everyone tries it!

If you have a trip planned soon here are a few essential travelling alone tips! (Learn from my mistakes lol) also check out some footage from my time in Portugal below.

Yes! and also remember certain countries work differently for example when I was on holiday in Miami, it is a hidden rule and sometimes required to tip at every meal, drink or service you have. Make sure you know the low down about the town your visiting as you don't want to offend anyone.

Life saver for travelling!! Now when you are in a new country using Uber is just amazing!! You don't have to try and find safe cab services or stations late at night in a foreign place! You can just open your Uber app it will find your location (pretty much available in all major cities). You then don't have to worry about carrying your cash or converting money it does it all for you and most importantly you will be safe and not ripped off!

**TIP** Make sure that you have money in your account before you leave as Uber can only be used in association with your bank card. I always keep at least £50 in my account just in case I need to use Uber's on my trip.

This was a blessing! Please please do make use of this especially in a foreign country, It may be hard for you to ask for directions if you do not speak the language or pronounce the addresses right. I used Google maps as a universal language when asking random people for help on where to find places. They were able to navigate exactly where I was and what way turn eg) shortcuts and so on! This is a must have if you have any day trips planned.

NOW please learn from my mistakes! My phones battery very nearly died plenty of times when I needed to order an Uber or check Google maps for directions and I prayed that it would not cut out! A portable charger would have saved me the stress so I recommend you can pick up decent ones from Amazon like this,

I learnt the hard way! I relied entirely on my phone for the first day of my adventure, it had my accommodations address on it and locations of where I had planned to visit. Luckily I had got my bearings right as my phones battery died but it did open my eyes and from that moment on I wrote down all of the landmarks near me, nearest metro/train stations, my accommodation address and so on. Don't leave everything to your phone sometimes an old fashioned pen and paper can save you more than any technology!

As I mentioned earlier my phones battery was so near to dying a few times during my trip. I used my phone to listen to music on my journeys and at the beach which is probably the reason why it went down so fast! To prevent this bring another device like an iPad or iPod/MP3 player to listen to your music on (Just make sure this is also fully charged).

Travelling alone means that you have no one to take pictures of you :( to save yourself the constant embarrassment of asking others to be your photographer, do it yourself with a selfie stick (Although you might prefer to ask others than dare to be seen with one of these lol)

I love to keep a few of these in my suitcase as they can be used for so much. I often put my used/dirty clothes in them so they are separate from everything else in my case on the way home. I also use one to put my shoes in, one as a bin for my room (If yours doesn't have one) and you can even use it as a shower cap/deep conditioning cap.

The obvious but I would recommend bringing two as you will probably have more than one thing to charge and it will save you time.


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