Feature Of The Week: IndianaIfill

1) What does Indiana do?

I am a singer, from London, been doing so for 7/8 years. started in a group but left and took
some time out to focus on my branding, image and my artistry. I am also working on a book, called Tampered With By A King, coming out in 2016 and I study Psychology which helps with everything!

2) What made you get into music?

Music has always been a big part of my life because of my parents, they aren't musically clued up, but they are junkies! I grew up doing dance, singing and drama and always took to singing more! As I've grown up, it's become my passion as well as a way of expression and release. I also think its nice to be able to communicate with others without physicality. It's always nice listening to a song knowing someone out there has experienced what you have whether it is love, heartbreak, death. So that's why I enjoy it and want to do it. I want to let people know they aren't alone.

3) What is your goal for the future?

I have no set plans in what I want to do exactly as of yet, I will go on to do my masters and continue writing and singing. I'm hoping to fulfil a music career as long as I can stick to the reason as to why I went in to it. Recently I feel I have discovered my purpose in life, if you can put it that way, is to help others. So if I can continue to do so in music on a bigger scale, that's what I would love to do!

4) Have you always wanted to embrace your natural curls? If not, why and when did you begin too?

I've always loved my hair, had a love/hate relationship with it and always will but I never knew why I liked it. It was my hair and its a part of me, so why shouldn't I love it i guess. I never really knew how to deal with it and manage it and control it but growing up, I have learnt that it is a big part of my life, not just for image sake but because Afros and curls, of any type, are not embraced enough so as I started learning this, I started loving mine more.

5) What is your current hair routine?

The protective styles, dreads, was a bit of a random one for me. I was speaking to my best friend, Alex, one time, and said to her, I really need time away from my hair, uni and work picked back up and i just didn't have the time! so she was like get fake dreads. I was like, ok, fuck it, I trust her so I'll run with it. As the blonde has become a part of me, my life and my brand, I thought I may as well stick with it. I didn't even see it as a protective style at the time, I just wanted a break! 

6) Favourite hair products?

My favourite day to day products are anything Cantu! I absolutely love it. it's so light and non-sticky and everything! it's just perfect for my curl type! For washes, I use mixed chicks because it rids of any build up, which is great and coconut oil is great for treatments, you can use it for your hair, your skin, your life problems, everything! coconut oil cures life!

7) Do you go to a hair stylist/salon? If so where?

For treatments and care and all of the day to day, I do it all myself, I research whats best and whats not but to get it bleached I do go to a salon by me, where I live.

Follow Indiana and her music journey on social media here, 

Instagram @indianaifill Twitter @indianaifill 


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