Curly Hair & Shampoo: My Experience!

Let’s take it back, way back to my hair routine before my natural hair journey and before I ever relaxed my hair! As a child my mum would take care of my hair and would keep it braided every day! On a Friday I would have the braids down and wear my hair in a
ponytail (I loved Fridays!). This routine is what led my hair to be this length.

My mum would shampoo my hair every 2 weeks and in-between no co-washing however most nights she would oil my hair and re-braid to it kept moisturised. I kept up the tradition of washing my hair every two weeks up until I started my natural hair journey. This is because I had a completely different head of hair! Dry and damaged I didn’t want to add any more harshness and began trying alternative ways to refresh my hair which meant doing this weekly.                                                                                                                                                                          

When researching how to care for curly hair and transition to natural curls I came across the ‘Curly Girl Method’ this is a routine in which you do not use shampoo at all! Instead you use conditioner to wash your hair. Sounds crazy but it does work for many and is less harsh on the scalp and your curls.

Most standard shampoos contain sulphates which are very harsh on curly hair, it is also hard to rinse shampoo completely out of curly hair as it can get caught in tangles on the way down. To save your curls from dryness you can now opt for sulphate free shampoos or co-washes which are now heavily available and you will notice many popular brands now selling them as we all move towards that direction.

Now let’s get into my qualms with Shampoo! I had such a terrible experience with my scalp, I started to get a lot of itchiness and it became unbearable!! It made me so unhappy that I had to try so many things to heal my scalp. Peppermint oil and tea tree oil would help with this and I would add this to my hair products and apply with some water directly to the itchy parts of my scalp.

I then after researching decided to cut out shampoos and this really helped! But the one saviour I give all credit too is the ‘Root 2 Tip Scalp Serum’ I mention all the time and have recommended to others who also saw that there scalp problems cleared up from using it. It’s a serum you apply directly to the scalp before washing or whenever you feel itchiness or dryness.

With these two new methods I haven’t had a problem with my scalp. So if you too want to cut out shampoo’s I would try co-washing, moisturising shampoos or Apple Cider Vinegar rinses. Only focus on the top of your hair and scalp when cleansing as this avoids drying out your ends and the cleanser will naturally fall through the strands so no need to over do it!

SheaMoisture Professional 'Gentle Curl Cleansing Co-Wash': A new favourite of mine!

Deva Curl 'No Poo': A staple that leaves my scalp feeling so fresh.

As I Am 'Coconut Co-Wash': Great consistency, smell and slip.

Boucleme 'Cleanser': Leaves hair clean but still moisturised.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Great for dandruff and product build up.

Aubrey Organics 'Aloe Vera': Great for adding shine to the hair and refreshing.

Aztec 'Bentonite Clay': Completely cleanses your scalp and hair making it feel so soft!

Natures Gate 'Tea Tree Shampoo': Great for scalp problems.

SheaMoisture 'Jamaican Black Castor Oil Shampoo': So moisturising and smooth on the hair, great ingredients.

Dr Organic 'Tea Tree Shampoo': Nourishing and soothing to an itchy scalp.

What has been your experience with shampoos and your curly hair?


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