GroHealthy Shea & Coconut Review

The excitement to share my thoughts on this product line is soooo real!! I know you guys ask me constantly about more affordable products that actually work well on curly hair. Well I have found one thankfully! This Shea and Coconut line from GroHealthy has worked so well on my hair for the past week I have managed to use it for day 1,2,3,4 (pretty much the whole week). 

They have the perfect products in the line that will help to maintain your hair throughout the week.

This week I started off with a wash and go which lasted 3 days (the third day I created a top knot) the next day I also work my hair down (cowashed) and then for the rest of the week I rocked buns using the leave-in conditioner which is a pretty good styler.

So the verdict! Read below for my thoughts on each product..

Moisturising Shampoo and Moisture Rich Conditioner

You guys know I never have much to really say about washes and rinse-out conditioners as I feel like you know a wash/conditioner is good if it doesn’t leave your hair dry, matted, tangled and itchy, all of what this wash DIDN’T do so a very good sign!

Leave-in Conditioner
This leave-in felt so different to any other leave in I have ever tried! It is thin in texture (water based) so easy to apply to the hair, however you will start to hear fizzling as if you are applying a shampoo but you won’t see any foam. Strange, apart from this it is a decent leave-in very great for everyday use as it isn’t too heavy and a great refresher!

Curling Custard

Custards have been my enemy since first trying them years ago! Ever since I have slept on them but when given the products to try I had to give it a go. It looked and felt much like a curing cream in a tub (or a body butter) and was a good product to use for the LOC method. It secured my curls and added a bit more moisture to my wash and go, again great to apply to the hair thanks to its slip.

Flat Out Frizz Fighter

Now this product is much thicker than the leave in and more like a styling lotion. The instructions say to apply to dry hair (which I never do) unless styling a bun. So for my wash and go I skipped using this product, on day 3 hair I was done with rocking my wash and go and decided to try a top knot.

This required a leave in for the bun section and the frizz was PERFECT! Didn’t leave flakes or dryness and styled my hair with ease. I developed faith in the product and used it again this time to refresh a wash and go on wet hair on top of the leave-in and that wash and go was popping! 

Smooth Edges (Edge control) 
The edge control worked well on my top knot style again leaving no stickiness or flakes! If you are a edge control fan I would recommend however I try to keep my edges out and not style them to prevent breakage.


The oil I feel was an added product that you probably can do without but again a convenient and affordable add on product for your cupboard. It’s a liquid oil ( Not like the harder form of coconut) which I do prefer but this oil added a nice finishing touch to my wash and go.

The 2 products I would definitely repurchase from the line are, the Frizz Fighter and Leave-In Conditioner. The rest are more affordable additions to your product collection. 

You will find these products in your local afro hair shop or buy online from the GroHealthy website here,


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