BioKari DIY Hair Butter Review

BioKari Review

BioKari is a service that allows you to create and customise your own whipped Shea Butter with a recipe chosen by you, for your needs. They have a range of mixtures ranging from body butters to hair masques. With the box you are given all of the tools and ingredients needed to be able to mix your own butter (Something you probably have always wanted to get round to doing yourself but never do). 

This was just like me! I find whipped butters so much easier to apply to the hair and body as they are softer then plain Shea butter. Really great concept and different to any other box style products on the market. 

With Biokari I was directed to the website to look through their different box options. I looked at the hair masques that included certain oils good for certain purposes. I chose the 'Essential Elixir' box which is a mixture for a mask to help dry and damaged hair (but I mainly chose because it included the lemon scent, which is a favourite of mine!). 

This box included, 

100g Shea Butter 
30ml Avacado Oil 
30ml Olive Oil 
5ml Lemon Scent 
x1 Empty pot 200ml (for the whipped butter) 
x2 Sticky labels
x1 Whisk

 At first I had no idea where to start but luckily the BioKari website has a great video step by step that you can follow,

 Making the whipped butter took no long than 15 minutes and was so easy!

You transfer the Shea Butter to the empty pot and apply the oils with a table spoon or 2 of each oil, mixing with the whisk in-between.  The Shea Butter then changes colour and becomes more like a whipped cream texture when it's ready! (I mixed my butter on a warm day so it was already soft for me).

 Here are my final results! I am so happy I was able to try and even learn about this brand as I now know how to make my own butter and feel so proud that I can now use something that was whipped up by me for my hair/skin!

The only downsides to this product are if you don't want to go through any effort of making your own butter and would rather buy it ready made, the website isn't too easy to read or navigate around, it may be out of your budget at £27.

 All in all I enjoyed the whole experience of making my own butter, it felt as if I was in control of something being used on my body as I went through all of the steps to make it!

 You can order your choice of box from the Biokari website and follow them on social media @biokari 

(The website is in another language so make sure to press translate to English when it appears on your browser)


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